Notice of Disconnection

Billing Method and Procedures for Notice of Disconnection


Due Date of Bill

Bills are payable on or before the “due date” printed on the bill. Partial payments are acceptable, but any amount not paid by the due date shall be considered delinquent and subject to a “late payment penalty” of seven and one-half percent (7.5%) per month.

When a bill or part thereof is not paid by the due date and is more than $80.00, a “Notice of Disconnection” will be sent to the customer advising that the water service will be terminated by the Disconnection Date if not paid by close of business on the Final Payment Date indicated on the Notice of Disconnection. Full payment must be made unless a prearranged payment plan is established and on file in our billing office. This plan must be followed or service will be terminated immediately. No payment plans will be made for tenants with out written approval from the landlord.

The customer service worker cannot accept payment for delinquent bills. Any cost to terminate and reactivate water service will be added to the billing.


In a landlord/tenant situation, a notice is sent to the landlord at the same time one is sent to the tenant. Service can also be refused a prospective tenant if there are any outstanding bills owed on a property.


Unpaid charges constitute a lien upon the property. Unpaid charges for the periods of 1 September to 1 February and 1 March to 1 August or for periods as assigned by the Greene County Auditor shall be certified the following month to the Treasurer for collection. A charge shall be added for such certification.

Methods of Payments

Payment for Notice of Disconnect can be made:
  • At the Greene County Sanitary Office located at 667 Dayton Xenia Road, Xenia, Ohio 45385.
  • A night drop box is available for payment; located at the front left of the Greene County Sanitary Office.
  • Credit card payments are now accepted
    1. At the Greene County Sanitary Office (convenience fee of $1.00 plus 2.2% of payment will be applied to payment)
    2. By registering online to be an E-customer (convenience fee of $1.00 plus 2.2 % of payment will be applied to payment)
    3. Calling the toll free number 855-699-4600 (convenience fee of $2.00 plus 2.2 % of payment)
Payments for Notice of Disconnect should not be mailed to the office less than 10 days prior to shut off date.

If you have been Disconnected for Non payment and paid but was not turned back on please call (937) 562-7450.