Electric Aggregation

In this day and age of rising costs, saving money is a goal for most people. The Greene County Board of Commissioners wants to help homeowners reach that goal.

On the November 2014 ballot, voters in the unincorporated areas of Greene County approved an electric aggregation issue to allow the Board of Commissioners to negotiate on their behalf for lower electricity rates.

As a result of that approval, the Board negotiates with electric generation suppliers for a discounted rate. The Board typically signs a two- to three-year agreement with the successful electric generation supplier.  All eligible residents and small businesses in the unincorporated areas of the County are enrolled in the program. However, if they do not want to be a part of the program they can choose to “opt out” of the program.

If County residents have questions about electric aggregation, please contact Amy Hoffman of Palmer Energy Company/County Commissioners Association of Ohio at 419-491-1006; or the Greene County Board of Commissioners at 937-562-5006.

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