Wrongful Death


  1. Checklist for Wrongful Death
  2. 14.0 Application to Approve Wrongful Death and Survival Claims
  3. 14.1 Waiver and Consent Wrongful Death and Survival Claims
  4. 14.2 Entry Approving Settlement and Distribution of Wrongful Death and Survival Claim
  5. 14.3 Report of Distribution
  6. GC Form 53.3-A Application to Appear by Telephone
  7. GC Form 53.3-B Judgment Entry Regarding Appearance by Telephone
  8. GC Form 56.1-A Application for Extension of Time to File
  9. GC Form 56.1-B Entry Regarding Extension of Time to File
  10. GC Form 60.3-A Notice of Appointment for Limited Purpose
  11. GC Form 60.3-B Fiduciary Acceptance
  12. GC Form 64.2-A Certificate Closing Estate for Limited Purpose
  13. GC Form 64.2-C Status Report
  14. GC Form 71.5-A Application for Approval of Attorney Fee Agreement
  15. GC Form 71.5-B Entry Approving Attorney Fee Agreement
  16. GC Form 75.1 Self-Representation Acknowledgment
  17. GC Form 75.3-A Contact Information Form
  18. GC Form 78.8-A Application to Voluntarily Withdrawal as Fiduciary
  19. GC Form 78.8-B Entry Regarding Application to Voluntarily Withdraw as Fiduciary
  20. GC Form 78.8-C Notice of Involuntary Withdrawal of Fiduciary
  21. GC Form 78.9-A Application to Withdraw as Legal Counsel
  22. GC Form 78.9-B Entry Regarding Withdrawal as Legal Counsel
  23. GC Form 78.9-C Notice of Involuntary Withdrawal of Legal Counsel
  24. GC Form 100.1-B Waiver of Right to Reimbursement
  25. GC Form 100.2-B Continuing Waiver of Notice of Hearing and Consent to Wrongful Death and Survival Claims
  26. GC Form 106.2-A Praecipe for Subpoena
  27. GC Form 106.2-B Subpoena
  28. GC Form 106.2-C Subpoena Duces Tecum
  29. GC Form 106.2-E Motion for Service by Publication
  30. GC Form 106.2-F Order Regarding Service by Publication
  31. GC Form 106.2-G Motion to Appoint Process Server
  32. GC Form 106.2-H Order Regarding Process Server