Independent Living Program

Nationally, youth who age out of the foster care system are a vulnerable population.They are more likely than their peers to experience homelessness (1 in 4 within 4 years), develop PTSD (5 times more likely), experience unemployment by the age of 24 (50%) and experience drug dependence (7 times more likely). Only 58% graduate HS by the age of 19, and fewer than 3% will earn a college degree by age 25.

Our goal is to improve the outcomes in Greene County.

The Independent Living Program (ILP) is designed to assist youth who are in the custody of Greene County Children Services (ages 14-21) and who have emancipated from custody (ages 18-21) to develop and implement age-appropriate independent living skills.The program assists youth in developing the skills necessary to successfully transition and be successful in adulthood. Each youth is assigned an Independent Living Specialist who works individually with him or her.

The program focuses on:
  • Initial and ongoing assessment of life skills and independent living abilities.
  • Ongoing educational sessions and activities stressing life skills to prepare the youth or young adult for living independently.
  • Ongoing and youth-driven transitional planning and goal setting to achieve successful individual independence.
  • Developing awareness of community resources and supports.
  • Developing a sense of community involvement and work ethic through support in community service projects and age-appropriate employment opportunities.
  • Aftercare services for youth who have emancipated on or after the age of eighteen (18) from agency custody until the age of twenty-one (21).
Our ILP offers ongoing, interactive sessions on a variety of topics. We appreciate and encourage community members to share their time, experience and expertise with the youth. If you would like to volunteer your time to teach any of the topics listed below, please contact us at (937) 562-6690.

Job Skills Consumer Awareness
Transportation Emergency/Safety Skills
Basic Child Care/Development
Housing Repairs/Maintenance Post-Secondary Educational Planning
Housekeeping Spiritual Awareness
Money Management
Career Awareness
Dating/Relationships Community Resources
Legal Skills
Health Issues
Internet Safety
Social Skills
Leisure Activities
Civic Responsibilities
Personal Appearance

The ILP is operated and coordinated by Greene County Children Services, and is largely supported through federal funds designated for Independent Living Services. The program is further enhanced by donations of time, resources, materials, expertise and funds from individuals and organizations in the community.

The ILP stresses the importance of active civic and community involvement and instills a sense of responsibility to give back to the community. Our youth have been involved in a number of community service projects as well as the Greene County Youth Advisory Board and the Ohio Youth Advisory Board.

Please contact the ILP at (937) 562-6690 if you are interested in making a contribution, are aware of a community outreach activity for the ILP, or are interested in teaching an ILP session.

Independent Living Program — Aftercare

When a youth leaves the custody of Greene County Children Services at or after the age of 18, he or she may request ILP aftercare services for any identified needs until the age of 21. These services may include: helping with housing needs, short-term financial assistance, transportation, education (applying for college, obtaining their GED, accessing federal grants/scholarships), assistance obtaining medical coverage, referrals to adult services, etc. Aftercare is a voluntary service and must be initiated by the emancipated young adult. Aftercare cases can be closed at any time by the young adult with no limit to the number of times an Aftercare case can be initiated by the youth before the age of 21.

If you are an emancipated young adult and meet the above criteria please call (937) 562-6600.