Greene County Children Services - Customer Service — Ombudsman Program

What is the Ombudsman Program?

The Ombudsman Program uses a standardized method to review concerns and complaints about the actions and procedures of Greene County Children Services (GCCS) when normal communication channels fail. Normal channels include talking with the caseworker assigned, the supervisor, the program manager, and ultimately, the Executive Director if concerns are not satisfactorily addressed.

The Ombudsman provides a centralized management of inquiries and information for past and present clients of the agency. The Ombudsman operates through the Quality Assurance Department and reflects the strong commitment the agency has toward continually evaluating and improving services. This means that when there is a question, concern, or complaint regarding action(s) taken by the agency, there will be someone who will listen and work with the consumer to address their concerns.

When Should the Ombudsman Be Called?

  • If a consumer has a question that cannot be resolved through normal channels
  • If a consumer believes there has been an act of discrimination
  • If a consumer believes there has been unfair treatment
  • If a consumer has been denied a service believed to be appropriate and necessary
  • If a consumer needs information concerning closed records or a finalized adoption

What Will the Ombudsman Do?

  • Listen
  • Assess the complaint
  • Respond quickly to the request or complaint
  • Explain what is happening and why
  • Help clarify regulations and laws
  • Mediate conflicts between the consumer and the agency
  • Contact people who may help
  • Provide concise reports as allowed by agency rules and regulations and state statutes
  • Provide a disposition on the consumer’s concerns

The Following Information Requests Should Be Directed to the Ombudsman:

  • Concerns/Complaints
  • Closed Records Inquiries
  • Finalized Agency Adoption Inquiries

If assistance is needed, with issues following into one of the three categories listed above, call (937) 562-6600 and ask for the Ombudsman.