Children Services — Then and Now

1910 - The Greene County Children’s Home was built in Xenia. The institution was run by a Superintendent and several matrons. Life for children living in the home was not easy. They were up before dawn every day working on the farm located at the institution. Recreation was limited to play in an empty field next to the home.

1945 - State legislature enacted the Child Welfare Services Act, making more comprehensive services available to children in Ohio. This law established Child Welfare as an agency with powers to investigate situations of child abuse and neglect, and to take the necessary steps to protect children from harm. It also allowed Child Welfare to provide care to a child in any setting deemed necessary. Foster family care was started as an alternative to residence in an institution.

1956 - The League of Women Voters conducted a study of the Children’s Home and Child Welfare. At this time, 50 children were in foster care and 39 children were living in the Children’s Home.

1971 - The Children’s Home was closed by the agency and two group homes for adolescents were established in Xenia—one for boys and one for girls. Each home housed a maximum of 8 children.

1974 -1979 - The agency opened a branch office in neighboring Fairborn to better serve the community. From 1979 to 1983, the agency experienced significantly reduced Federal and State funding. This was a difficult time for provision of services. By 1984, a replacement levy was passed and the agency was able to be fully staffed with 27 positions (six administrative, fourteen direct service workers, and seven support).

1989 - Ohio passed Senate Bill 89, which implemented Federal Public Law 96-272 that included family preservation, case planning process, and procedural safeguards.

1993 - Greene County Children Services moved to its current location at 601 Ledbetter Road, Xenia, OH.

1995 - the Fairborn office was closed and joined with the office in Xenia.

2000 - The girls’ group home closed and foster homes were found for all the girls living there.

2012 - Greene County Children Services merged with the Department of Job and Family Services.

2015 - The Alpha Group Home for boys was also closed and foster homes were found for the boys that had been living there.

Today, GCCS has a staff of approximately 70 dedicated employees working to better the lives of children and families in Greene County.