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About the Greene County Records Center & Archives

The Greene County Records Center & Archives maintains and preserves the historical records of Greene County. Part of our mission is to ensure the availability and accessibility of the public records that are entrusted to us for use by both present and future generations.
As an educator, you can help the office fulfill its mission by using our records in your classroom. For information about scheduling classroom presentations, please contact Melissa Dalton by phone: (937) 562-6487 or by Email.

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Primary Sources

Primary sources, the actual records documenting past events, are an invaluable resource in the classroom. The Ohio Social Studies Standards emphasize the use of primary sources to help create historical narratives.
Records that we have available include, but are not limited to, emancipation, immigration, court, birth/death, marriage, tax, deed, county commissioners' records, and a wide variety of local maps.

Our Online Resources

The Greene County Records Center & Archives also has interesting, informative, and historical records that can be viewed right here on our website. Educators can take their classes on a "virtual" field trip exploring the history of Greene County!
Be sure to check out the following:

Online Indexes, Research & Transcripts - Our indexes, research, and transcripts include, but are not limited to, Birth and Death Certificates, Civil War Records, Slave Emancipation Records, Diaries, etc. These primary resources are great for classroom activities and instruction.

Engineer Maps - Our engineer maps date from 1870-1970. These maps are wonderful resources that help teach students about local geography, topography, environments, industries, places, and people.

Elected Officials - This online database allows one to search for all Greene County elected officials and includes the office of the elected official and the span of their term. This is a helpful resource when learning about county government.

History of Former Archives Building - Read about how the former archives building was a grocery store, a furniture warehouse, a stable, an advertising business, and an Auto Parts retailer.

Activities to Download

Greene County Crossword Puzzle (PNG)Greene County Coloring Book (JPG)Greene County Word Search (JPG)
Greene County History Crossword Activity Packet
Greene County Historical Coloring Book
Archives Word Search Activity Packet
Includes a crossword puzzles with a word bank and answers. Students will learn about the history of Greene County.
Includes 11 unique pictures that capture the rich history of the county! Get your crayons or markers out!
Includes a word search with a word bank and answers. Students will learn "keywords" that help illustrate the function of an archives.

Teaching Packets

4th - 6th Grade
Dayton Journal, dated May 3, 1925 (JPG)
1925 Dayton Journal Article
The 1913 Flood, the Construction of Huffman Dam, and the Move of Osborn
1896 Map of Osborn (JPG)1896 Map of Osborn
In March 1913, the state of Ohio experienced a substantial amount of flooding and damage... READ MORE

4th & 5th Grade Osborn Activity Video

5th & 6th Grade Osborn Activity Video

4th - 6th Grade
Marie Treuer Photo (JPG)Immigrant Photo
Coming to America
Giuseppe Mazzolini Declaration of Intention (JPG)Declaration of Intention
Students will learn why many people immigrated to the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries
4th - 6th Grade Immigration Program Video

4th & 5th Grade Immigration Educational Packet

5th & 6th Grade Immigration Educational Packet

4th - 6th Grade Immigration Program Activity Video
4th, 5th, & 8th Grade
High School
Laura Smith drawing (JPG)Student Drawings
Slavery in America
Manumission Record (JPG)Manumission Record
Slavery is an unfortunate part of America’s history, and was a reality, especially in the southern states
4th & 5th Grade Slavery Program Video

4th & 5th Grade Slavery Educational Packet

8th Grade Slavery Program Video

8th Grade Slavery Educational Packet

High School Slavery Educational Packet
4th - 6th Grade (but can be used with younger and older groups)A Glimpse into the Past: Using Time Capsules to Learn about Local HistoryTime Capsules inform future generations about the history of the day 4th Grade Time Capsule Program Video
Jamestown Postmaster Stamps from 1901 Greene County Courthouse Time Capsule (JPG)Jamestown Post Office Stamps
Ohmer Tate, GC Sheriff (Jan 1927-Jan 1931), from 1969 Greene County Jail Time Capsule (JPG)Ohmer Tate, Greene County Sheriff from 1927 - 1931
READ MORE4th Grade Time Capsule Program Educational Packet

5th & 6th Grade Time Capsule Program Video

5th & 6th Grade Time Capsule Program Educational Packet

Other Classroom Resources

Local History Classroom Resources - List of Local History Resources.

Library of Congress - Primary source activities searchable by grade level and state standards.

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) - Provides information about using primary sources in the classroom. Provides activities and training.

National Park Service - Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers - Learn about and visit Youngsholm located in Wilberforce, OH.

Ohio Center for Law-Related Education - Resources for teaching law and government in the classroom.  Provides lesson plans and activities for "mock" trials.

Ohio History Connection - Programs adhere to Common Core Standards and encourages historical thinking.

Ohio Memory - A joint project by Ohio History Connection and the State Library of Ohio - this page offers resources on how to best utilize their digital collections in the classroom.

Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies - Lesson plans for all ages and resources for teaching American History.

StoryCorps - Training and resources for educators to engage and empower youth in classroom and community settings, including initiatives such as Student Voices and the Great Thanksgiving Listen.