Ohio Dog Laws

County Dog Warden

This system is established by the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 955. Most specifically dogs are declared to be the personal property of their owners who are responsible for licensing, care and control. This chapter also established the requirement to registration all dogs with the fees specifically dedicated to support the Dog Warden operations in each county. The Ohio County Dog Warden Association (OCDWA) has been organized to improve the cooperation, education and certification of all Ohio Dog Wardens.

Actions, Not Breeds

The Ohio Legislature enacted new law in 2012 removing all reference to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and removing pit bull dangerous dog designation. The new and current law designated dogs of any breed to be Nuisance, Dangerous, or Vicious determined by the severity and recurrence of their activity.

Cruelty & Neglect

Reasonable Standards of care are delineated in ORC Chapter 959 along with appropriate penalties for persons committing animal abuse. Please report any expected animal abuse or neglect situations to companion animals to our office for investigation.

All other animals such as livestock are referred to the Humane Society of Greene County. Contact them at (937) 376-3001.

Local Ordinances

Cities and townships may enact local ordinances that are more restrictive and not inconsistent with Ohio and federal laws. These usually are in zoning with numbers of animals permitted and housing requirements. Many local jurisdictions also have barking (noise) ordinances.

Animal Control usually works parallel with local police and sheriff departments to enforce local ordinances. Search your local city or village website or call your township department for details. You may also call our department with any questions at (937) 562-7400.