Impounded Dogs

All dogs are checked in by our staff; noting the breed, gender, color, condition, and any possible identification that may give a clue to finding its lost owner. We also evaluate the location from which it came and cross reference lost reports in attempt to reunite as many pets as possible with owners.

Some dogs have been released by their owner and can go up for adoption immediately. Strays with no identification must be kept three days according to Ohio Law. Dogs displaying current registration tags must be housed for 10 days while attempting to contact the owner.

Impounded Cats

This shelter handles cats by special supportive relationships with local home rule jurisdictions. Cats are not designated as personal property by Ohio Law. Cats that live or find their way outdoors have no protection and may be trapped or picked up as nuisance animals if they wander onto other people’s property.

Unlike dogs, there is no legal holding period for cats. We do attempt to identify cats that may be indoor pets by their condition, collars and identification, and temperament. Such cats are held for an adequate time for owner identification and redemption.

Special Note

Dogs are designated by Ohio Law to be personal property. The responsibilities of ownership include registration and confinement. It is illegal for anyone to find and confine any stray dog. One must call for assistance, or bring the stray to the shelter, as this is the first place owners come to look for their lost pets. If you are a good citizen and wish to adopt a stray dog, you may get priority adoption after the three day holding period if it is not redeemed. Following this procedure will insure that dogs get the best chance to go home and will document legal ownership to the new adopter.

Our department is funded primarily through the purchase of dog licenses. You dog license purchase not only helps us care for homeless and stray dogs, protect the community from loose and dangerous dogs, and help reunite dogs and their owners, but also ensures that your licensed dog will receive a ride home if found running at large and will be held at our facility if we cannot locate you immediately for a period of 14 business days for you to claim him.

Have you lost your pet dog or cat?

 Please call Greene County's Animal Control office for information on your missing pet.