Irrigation & Special Meter Options

Any one of the following options is available to residents who use a large amount of water that does not
go into the sewer system:

Irrigation Meters

These meters are already used in a number of homes. Water flow going to the outside of the home is
measured and the customers are charged for water use only, not sewer charges. Because irrigation is not
considered an essential use, water used for irrigation is charged a 25% higher rate than water intended
for consumption. The irrigation meters currently in place will still be available. No refunds will be given to
those who have already installed such meters. The meters are the best option for residents with
underground irrigation systems or anyone who does extensive lawn irrigation. This option is available to
all customers and is subject to a monthly fee of $8.33

Deduct Meters

These meters function in a fashion similar to the irrigation meters, but are installed inside the home. They
are available only to individually metered residential units. The County would read these meters, then
subtract the amount of water that goes through them from the sewer bill. Not all homes (particularly those
on slabs or crawl spaces) are suitable for installation of a deduct meter. The homeowner will be
responsible for the $240 meter fee, all plumbing expenses for installation, and a monthly fee of $8.33.

Hose Bib Meters

The Sanitary Engineering Department only has a limited supply of the Hose Bid Meters and they are
available on a first come, first serve basis. These will be available only for individually metered residential
units who have a new lawn or newly re-sodded or reseeded lawn or those who want to fill a swimming
pool. They attach to an outside faucet and measure the water used outside.

That amount is then subtracted from the total amount used, so no sewer charges apply. They can be
used for up to one season for irrigation (April 15-October 15) and for four days for swimming pools. The
water measured by the meters will be charged at the irrigation rate. Customers actually "rent" the meters
and must return them to the county.

Request to turn Irrigation system on or off Form (PDF)