Structure of Veterans Treatment Court

Phase 1 - Orientation and Compliance

The goal of the Orientation and Compliance Phase is to help the participant to understand all aspects of Veterans' Treatment Court, to assure the highest level of function and success within the program, and comply with a treatment plan.

Phase 2 - Stabilization

The primary goals of this phase are to stabilize the participant and obtain compliance with the Veterans' Treatment Court Docket program requirements. During this phase, the participant has regular contact with the Court by attending all scheduled Veterans' Treatment Court Docket status review hearings. This is also an intensive contact phase for the participant's treatment provider and probation officer. During this period, the Team will assist the participant in addressing essential needs such as housing, health, clothing, and recovery services.

Phase 3 - Community Reintegration

After the participant remains stable for  a period of time, other goals can be addressed. During this period, a participant will begin to address the issues that brought the participant in to the Veterans Treatment Court. Various service needs can be assessed, including health, dental, optical, permanent housing needs, vocational training, and any other  areas identified by the Veterans' Treatment Court Docket Team. Based on  the participant's progress, required  appearances at Veterans' Treatment Court status review hearings may be reduced.

Phase 4 - Maintenance, Growth and Development

This phase is focused on the participant continuing the structure and discipline developed in earlier phases and developing self-sufficiency. By the time the participant moves to this phase, he or she has successfully adhered to the psychiatric treatment requirements, including medication compliance, integrated structure into their life by obtaining permanent housing, pursuing employment, volunteering, participating in educational or vocational opportunities, developing a functional support system, abstaining from the use of illegal drugs, and avoiding additional involvement with the criminal justice system.