MVJRC offers a cognitive-behavioral and social skills development program in which problem solving strategies are modeled, practiced, and reinforced. Youth are encouraged to re-define themselves in socially responsible and personally fulfilling ways. The program targets criminal thinking as well as the effects of trauma and victimization by challenging cognitive distortions, pro-criminal attitudes/values, negative peer associations, substance abuse, and unhealthy expressions of anger. 

Much of the design of the MVJRC program is based on precepts from the following sources: “Reclaiming Youth at Risk” by Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve VanBockern, “Skillstreaming” by Arnold Goldstein, “Inside the Criminal Mind” by Stanton Samenow and Samuel Yochelson, “Reality Therapy” by William Glasser, and “Rational-Emotive Therapy” by Albert Ellis. The integrity of the program is supported by adhering to the standards and procedures of the American Correctional Association. The program is delivered by a highly trained staff dedicated to providing youth a safe and structured learning environment that promotes pro-social behavior.

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