Mental Health Therapy

Each youth is assigned an individual Mental Health Therapist to work with throughout their stay at the facility. Individual therapy is conducted once weekly, and therapists are available more often based on need and upon request.

Therapy sessions are driven by a Personal Program Plan that is developed by the youth and counselor within the first 21 days of residence. Elements of the Personal Program Plan include identified issues and corresponding treatment goals. Most youth also develop a “Relapse Prevention Plan.” Therapist act as a liaison between the youth, staff, parents, case workers, therapists, school officials and court officials.  Therapists will also guide youth through Progress Review, Transition Release and Aftercare Planning.

Youth participate in monthly Family Therapy. Youth, based upon assessment needs, participate in group counseling at least twice weekly. Group counseling includes Drug and Alcohol Group and Juvenile Sex Offender (JSO) Group.

Therapy services are supported through consultation with independent and community mental health authorities/providers as contracted by MVJRC.  Crisis counseling is also available 24 hours a day.