Prison Rape Elimination Act

What is the National Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)?

In recognition of the difficulties prison rape and sexual assault/abuse creates for confinement facilities, coupled with the inherent rights of confined individuals to expect the conditions of confinement to be such that they are not subjected to cruel or inhumane treatment from other offenders or staff, on September 4, 2003 the Prison Rape Elimination Act was signed into federal law by the President of the United States.

PREA applies to all federal and state prisons, jails and community correctional settings including adult and juvenile facilities.


PREA incorporates a zero-tolerance standard for incidents of sexual assault and rape (Youth on Youth and Staff on Youth) and makes prevention a top priority.

MVJRC Final PREA Report 2019 (PDF)

How to report an allegation of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual harassment on behalf of a youth at MVJRC, as a third party?

You can complete the third party reporting form found in the MVJRC Lobby or by clicking the following link: Third Party Reporting Form.  Complete the form and email it to the Compliance Manager.


Referral of Allegations for Investigations

MVJRC ensures that an administrative and/or criminal investigation is completed for all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.  Allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment are referred to the Xenia Police Division and shall supercede administrative investigation, unless the allegation does not involve potentially criminal behavior, in which case an administrative investigation may prevail.  

Questions regarding PREA may be referred to the DYS PREA Coordinator, Alex Stojsavljevic.

Phone: (614) 387-2556     Email: Alexander Stojsavljevic