Governing Board

The Board is established to represent the member counties for the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of the facility and to advise the lead county Judge (the Greene County Juvenile Court Judge) and the Director of Corrections and Rehabilitation on policy matters with regards to those counties’ needs as seen by members of the Board. Among the policy matters for the Board’s review are budget, staffing, referral criteria, education, counseling, recreation, medical care, family programming, independent living, residential administration, after care and other programming as deemed necessary.

Consortium of Judges:

Adams County The Honorable Brett M. Spencer
Brown County The Honorable Val Lewis
Champaign County The Honorable Lori L. Reisinger
The Honorable Brett A. Gilbert
Clark County The Honorable Katrine Lancaster
Fayette County The Honorable David B. Bender
Greene County The Honorable Amy H. Lewis
Highland County The Honorable Kevin Greer
Logan County The Honorable Kim Kellogg-Martin
The Honorable Natasha Kennedy
Madison County The Honorable Christopher Brown
Union County The Honorable Rick Rodger
Governing Board Meeting -  The next regular meeting of the board is scheduled to be held on November 18, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.
Location:  MVJRC

Governing Board History - access is restricted.