Birth Records / Paternity

If your birth certificate has an error, which was made at the time the birth certificate was originally issued, it is possible that you can do a “birth correction” action to fix that error. This will only correct an actual error on the birth certificate. It cannot be used to make desired changes to the spelling of a name.

Changing Sex Marker on Birth Record

As of June 24, 2022, this Court will no longer be accepting Applications to Change a Sex Marker on a Birth Record. This change in procedure is consistent with an Opinion that was handed down by the Second District Court of Appeals of Ohio on June 17, 2022 titled In Re: Application for Correction of Birth Record of Hailey Emmeline Adelaide, Case No. 2022-CA-1. If this issue is further appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court, this Court will reexamine its procedure consistent with any future decisions issued by that Court. 

The opinion of the Second District Court of Appeals may be found here