Stormwater Network Public Participation

Do I live in an Unincorporated Urbanized Area?

The Greene County Engineer's Office is responsible for storm water management and compliance in unincorporated areas (Small MS4 general permit under the Ohio EPA Storm Water regulations program) on behalf of the Greene County Commissioners, as well as Bath, Beavercreek, Sugarcreek and Xenia Townships. 

The Greene County Unincorporated Urbanized Area is: Bath Township, Beavercreek Township, Sugarcreek Township, Xenia Township only. 

For City of Beavercreek, you can visit:
For City of Fairborn, you can visit: (coming soon)
For City of Xenia, you can visit:
For City of Bellbrook, you can visit:

You can use the Road Responsibility map and the stormwater network map, to know if you live in the incorporated or unincorporated area:
Road Responsibility map:
Stormwater Network Map:

How can I help?

Public Participation is required by the Ohio EPA for Stormwater Management Plans. 

If you have any comments regarding the Stormwater Management Plan, please submit using the form below. 

You may also use this form below to bring any comments, complaints, or ideas to our attention regarding stormwater (not water and sewer utilities) in the unincorporated urbanized area:

Greene County Stormwater Inquiries

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