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Perspectives 2040 - The Greene County Future Land Use Plan

The Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission of Greene County (RPCC) has updated its plan to guide development in Greene County for the next 20 years. This plan, called Perspectives 2040, provides a vision to help shape how and where the county grows. 

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Accomplishments To Date 

Explore the sections below to see what we have completed to date.

Perspectives 2040 Project Information

Project Information

Click the image to learn more about the Perspectives 2040 project including why we are doing this, how it will be developed, and how you can provide input.

Existing Conditions Review

Existing Conditions Assessment

To understand where we want to go in the future, we need to understand where we have been and what is happening now. Click the image to see highlights regarding demographic, socio-economic, and development trends in Greene County.

Steering Commitee Input

Steering Committee Input

Perspectives 2040 is being directed by a Project Steering Committee. The Project Steering Committee had their first meeting in March 2020. During this meeting Steering Committee members participated in several exercises to help identify the county's strong, weak, and opportunity areas. Click the image to see the results of these exercises.

Perspectives 2040 Goals

Perspectives 2040 Goals

Following a multi-step process a set of goals were developed to help shape the plan's development. Click on the image to see the goals for Perspectives 2040.

Perspectives 2040 Character Zones

Perspectives 2040 Character Zones

Perspectives 2040 will use a character-based approach for its future land use recommendations. The character-based approach seeks to identify areas based on a range of factors including function, activity, and form. Click on the image to learn more about the character zones identified for Greene County.

Anticipated Timeline for the Plan Adoption

This timeline is subject to change and the plan's development progresses. Specific dates and event details will be assigned as they are scheduled and are available on the Calendar below.

Perspectives 2040 Timeline Updated

Project Deliverables

Click on the images below to download project materials.

Perspectives 2040 Future Land Use Update
MVRP Sheet

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Greene County Profile 

Community Profiles

Click on the links below to view a profile for each jurisdiction in Greene County.

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Housing and Households Poster
Land and Agriculture Poster
Population and Employment Poster

Project Information Poster 

Housing & Households Poster 

Land & Agriculture Poster 

Population & Employment Poster 

Strong and Weak Places Poster
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Opportunity Places Poster
Whats Next Poster

Strong & Weak Places Poster

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Opportunity Places Poster 

What's Next Poster 


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here or submit your own.

What is the Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission of Greene County?

The Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission of Greene County (RPCC) guides the physical development of land in the unincorporated areas of Greene County. The RPCC oversees the administration of many county development regulations, including subdivisions. Likewise, the RPCC manages the orderly development and growth of the county by overseeing the implementation of the county’s future land use plan.

The RPCC provides professional planning services and technical assistance to our member jurisdictions and county departments so as to enhance the quality of life to those who live, work, and recreate in Greene County.

What is a future land use plan?

A future land use plan is a visionary document that provides guidance on where and how land should be used based on the community’s needs and goals. A future land use plan helps the community prepare for the future by coordinating balanced growth.

How are land use decisions made in Greene County?

Land use decisions in Greene County are made first through local zoning concurrence with a development proposal. Once compliance with zoning has been established, a proposed development, such as a subdivision, will undergo review by the RPCC and other review agencies for compliance with the goals and policies of the county land use plan, farmland preservation plan, thoroughfare plan, and for the provision of adequate public improvements and platting requirements contained in the subdivision regulations.

What is Perspectives 2040?

Perspectives 2040 is a policy document that provides guidance on where and how land should be used in the future. Perspectives 2040 is a tool that will help Greene County prepare for the future by establishing a shared vision and identifying areas appropriate for development, redevelopment, and preservation.

How will it be developed?

Perspectives 2040 will examine what we have now, identify what we want for the future, and then develop strategies to help us get there. This process will be directed by a Project Steering Committee. The Project Steering Committee will collaborate with and seek input from the public, community leaders, and technical planning staff. Once the plan is complete the RPCC's Board and the Greene County County Commissioners will adopt the plan.

How will Perspectives 2040 address municipalities and townships with existing plans?

In Ohio, land use decisions and regulations fall under the authority of the local government. Many communities develop and maintain a future land use plan, which serves as the framework for land use decisions. However, having a plan at the county level is desirable as it provides a broad framework for local municipalities and townships when evaluating and coordinating their own plans, policies, goals, as well as infrastructure and service provision. As Perspectives 2040 is developed, it will take into consideration the recommendations contained in existing local plans and make advisory recommendations for these areas.

Perspectives 2040 should not be viewed as an end, but rather as the beginning of a comprehensive, continuous, and coordinated effort to maintain a high quality of life for people that live, work, and play in Greene County.

What are the benefits of a countywide future land use plan?

While land use authority sits with local governments, there are benefits to having a countywide plan like Perspectives 2040. The countywide plan creates a cohesive, shared vision for land use across multiple jurisdictions. Likewise, it establishes context and compatibility with adjacent jurisdictions. Knowing what the communities around yours have planned can help address common needs and reduce land use conflicts. For communities without the resources to develop their own plans, the countywide plan provides an opportunity for them to participate in a future land use planning exercise. Lastly, the countywide plan can serve as the foundation for additional planning activities including the creation of local zoning ordinances.

What happens after Perspectives 2040 is adopted?

Once the future land use plan is adopted, it will be used to inform development decisions in unincorporated areas of Greene County. Additionally, communities across Greene County can use it as a guide to inform their local planning efforts. The Perspectives 2040 plan can serve as the foundation for implementation tools like the zoning code and zoning map.

For further questions please contact: [email protected]

Looking for more information? Visit the Perspectives 2040 website for more information about the plan, 

see where we are at in the planning process, and how you can get involved!

Perspective 2040 Events Calendar

Perspectives 2040 Open House - Draft Goals, Strategies, and Future Land Use Plan

  • December 13th, 2022 from 5 pm to 6 pm
  • 1250 Mead Rd, Bellbrook, OH 45305

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