Travel Training

Travel Training is short-term, intensive, individualized course of instruction designed to promote the independent travel of older adults and people with disabilities. Travel Training assists individuals in developing the skills needed to ensure safe, independent travel, which includes the physical ability to safely naviagate public transportation. 

The Greene County Mobility Manager can offer one-on-one counseling, group education, and guidance on transportation options and alternatives to driving. Contact the Greene County Mobility Manager at (937) 708-8316 if you need assistance or want to learn more about mobility options. 

Riding Public Transportation in Greene County

Greene CATS Public Transit Passenger Rules & Guidelines

  • Be polite and courteous toward the driver, other Greene CATS staff, and other passengers
  • Use earbuds to listen to cellphones or other electronic devices is required when riding
  • No eating, drinking, smoking (including vaping with e-cigarettes), chewing tobacco products, or chewing gum
  • Carry-on bags are limited to as many bags as you can safely handle at one time without assistance and that you can secure in your seat, however, small wheeled baskets and strollers are allowed
    • Example of small wheeled basket being used along Green Flex route with rider prepared to board bus using liftExample of Small Wheeled Basket - along Green Flex Route - using lift to board bus
  • Passengers must be willing to share rides with other passengers
  • Passengers must be seated and wearing a seat belt when the vehicle is in motion
  • Passengers younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult, age 18+
  • Bikes must be secured to bike racks on outside of vehicle by passenger
  • Only service animals are permitted. Passengers must be in control of their service animal at all times and the animal must be leashed on the floor next to the passenger
  • Drivers are not permitted to lift passengers or mobility devices nor enter a passenger's home
  • Passengers should not board vehicles if they suspect that they have or are exhibiting any symptoms of a contagious disease
  • Passengers should not ask to make unscheduled stops other than flag stops on the flex routes
  • Passengers should have walkways clear of snow and ice if door-to-door service has been scheduled

Planning a Trip

Street Smarts

Pedestrian Safety

  • Pedestrian Safety
    • Teen Pedestrian Safety
    • Walk This Way
    • Distracted Walking
    • Walking on Snow & Ice
  • Walking & Crossing Safely
    • Walking Safely Near Traffic
    • Crossing Streets Safely
    • Crossing Intersections Safely
    • Crossing Parking Lots Safely