Planning a Flex Route Trip

Flex Route Maps & Schedules

How Individuals can use Flex Routes Video

How Individuals can use Greene CATS and transfer to/from Greater Dayton RTA Video 

Reading a Flex Route Schedule

Transfer Points

Definitions of Common Terms

  • Flex Route Deviation
    • Available up to 1/2 mile from the mapped route
    • Reservations are required and are subject to availability
    • Open to the public and follows ADA accessibility guidelines
    • Scheduling a Flex Route Deviation
  • Location
    • the place in the community where flex routes travel by
  • Time Point
    • the location that the flex bus guarantees to pass by at a specific time, listed in flex route schedule, and will stop if someone is flagging them down to board or a rider has requested to exit bus
  • Flag Stop
    • the location between time points, along the flex route, that is safe for a driver to allow someone to board bus if they flag or wave at the driver
  • Pull-out Time
    • the time listed in flex route schedule when the flex bus leaves the time point
  • Run
    • the complete cycle of one rotation around the time points on the flex route, beginning and ending at a transfer point
  • Transfer Point
    • location where a group of flex buses meet during a specific time period so riders can transfer between vehicles and continue their one way trip
    • Greene CATS offers free transfer at Transfer Points only