Property Revaluation FAQ


Q:  Why does the Auditor update my value?

Ohio law requires county auditors to reappraise every property in the county once every six years and to complete a triennial update in the third year of the reappraisal cycle.  The values are based on the market (sales) and the condition of the property as of January 1, 2020.   Values are based on sales that have occurred during 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Q: What is the difference between a reappraisal and a triennial update?

A reappraisal involves a visual inspection of the property.  This includes assessing the condition of the property and gathering data regarding changes that may have occurred since the last reappraisal.  

 A Triennial Update is an update of value based solely on sales.  Similar to a reappraisal, it is based on sales over the three year prior to the update, but it does not involve reassessing the condition or characteristics of the property. 

Q: How does the county determine the value for a property?

We appraise properties utilizing mass appraisal methods using a hired contractor that specializes in mass appraisals.  The contractor will complete a reappraisal of all properties in Greene County by gathering data on every property and evaluating sales of similar properties in a similar geographical location.

Q: What information is considered in arriving at my value?

One of the key factors in determining a property’s value is the location of the property. We also consider the size and topography of the land; age of the structure; the style of the home; square footage; the quality of construction; basement size and finish; outbuildings; as well as the overall condition of the property.

Recent sales in your neighborhood are also key in determining your property valuation.

Q: If I disagree with my property valuation what can I do?

Please visit our page “Preparing for Your Informal Review” to go through the list of suggested procedures before calling or submitting an on-line informal review request.  We have provided you with a number of resources to assist you in evaluating the validity of your appraised value.  

Q: What if I disagree with the findings from my informal review or was unable to participate in the process?

 If you disagree with the final value resulting from the Informal Value Review, or if you missed the opportunity to participate in the informal review process, you have the right to contest the value by filing an application with the Greene County Board of Revision from January 1 through March 31st.

You can learn more about the Board of Revision process and how to contest your value by visiting our BOR webpage.

Q:  What impact will this valuation change have on my property taxes?

If your value increases, the percentage increase in your taxes will likely be less than the percentage increase in your value.  Different types of tax levies are impacted differently when valuations change.  Most levy rates are adjusted when reappraisal changes occur so the levy generates the same amount of money it did in the prior year.  In other words if a reappraisal causes a valuation increase the tax rate for most levies is decreased so the levy generates the same amount of revenue it did in the prior year.

We have developed a Property Tax Estimator that will estimate your property taxes for 2021 based on your new value.

We have prepared a detailed paper "Understanding Property Taxes in Ohio" to allow you to more fully understand how value changes impact property taxes.