Transit Board

Transit Board Members

  • Woody Stroud, Chair 
  • David Reid, Vice-Chair 
  • Wendy Dyer, Secretary / Treasurer 
  • Blanche Casey, Member
  • Anne Gerard, Member 
  • Todd Hiney, Member
  • Dan Krane, Member

The Greene County Transit Board is a seven member volunteer board appointed by The Greene County Commissioners, serving without compensation, and is the direct applicant of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) urban transit funding for Greene County. Agendas and minutes for the current and previous 12 board meetings are available through our Board Agenda Center for viewing. Through our Archive Center, past Board agendas and Board minutes are also available online. Agendas and minutes for the current and previous committee meetings are available through our Committee Agenda Center for viewing. 

Auditor of State

The Auditor of the State Award designation has the following criteria of a "clean" audit report: 

  • The entity must file financial reports with the Auditor of State's office by the statutory due date, without extension, via the Hinkle System on the GAAP accounting basis; 
  • The audit report does not contain any findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, Uniform Guidance (Single Audit) findings, or questioned costs;  
  • The entity's management letter contains no comments related to: 
    • Ethics referrals
    • Questioned costs less than the threshold per the Uniform Guidance
    • Lack of timely report submission
    • Bank reconciliation issues
    • Failure to obtain a timely Single Audit in accordance with Uniform Guidance
    • Findings for recovery less than $500
    • Public meetings or public records issues
  • The entity has no other financial or other concerns

The Greene County Transit Board has earned this award for fiscal years: 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022.

Annual Report 


(not audited)

2021 Annual report PDF.; 2020 Annual report PDF