Fax / Email Filing

The Court will accept fax and email filings for time sensitive documents. Filings will not be accepted without the Court’s standard cover page and online payment.  Fax filings may be submitted to (937) 562-5316.  Email filings should not be sent directly the Clerks. Email filings should be sent to [email protected].


  • We will not accept electronic (/s/) signatures. All parties must physically sign the document(s) and submit the forms through one of the ways mentioned above.
  • If filing by fax or email, the total number of pages must be 25 or less. We will not accept anything larger.
  • Send all documents in ONE PDF attachment. We do not need the documents to be in separate attachments.

Pursuant to Local Rule 57.4(G), the following items may not be filed by fax or email:

  • Any filing that initiates a new case;
  • Any pleading that requires service of summons;
  • Any filing that requires submission of an original Will;
  • Accounts that require financial statements to be provided for verification.

Online Payments

Read all of the following before making an Online Payment!

  • The Court does not accept deposits for court costs; the exact amount of a filing must be paid at the time of filing.
  • View our Court Costs Sheet or, contact the Court to verify your filing fees before making your online payment.
  • Verify the Case Number on your filing before you submit your online payment. 
  • Convenience fess are not refundable! 
  • Do not forget to use the Fax and Email Cover Page when submitting the filing to the Court 
  • Submit your online payment confirmation with your cover page and filings
  • Click here: Make an Online Payment