Intervention Center

The Greene County Juvenile Court Intervention Center (IC) promotes public safety by providing a safe, clean, caring setting to deliver program services that lower risk and respond to the mental health, behavioral health and life-skills needs of court involved youth and families in Greene County with a focus on reducing reliance on secure confinement.

Location:  The Intervention Center (IC) is located in a re-purposed residential treatment center near the Greene County Juvenile Justice Complex but is located off-grounds.  The IC is a non-secure space that includes offices, bathrooms, non-secure interview rooms, waiting space, meeting space, a classroom, a group therapy room, a residential kitchen and top-rate greenhouse.  There is a satellite space at the Juvenile Court Complex that includes a staff office, secure waiting area, bathroom and secure interview room.

Staffing: The IC is staffed by the Director of Prevention and Intervention Services, Assistant Director of Prevention and Intervention Services, Mental Health Therapist, Program Supervisor, and Youth Care Specialists.

Youth referred to the Intervention Center are referred directly from the Court.  Primary eligibility criteria includes:

 - Shall be adjudicated for a delinquency offense.

 - Shall score in the moderate to high range of criminogenic needs on the Ohio Youth Assessment System - OYAS (Disposition tool)  risk, needs and responsivity assessment with an emphasis on the following domains: attitudes/values/beliefs; personality traits; negative peer group and drug/alcohol abuse. Exceptions may be made by the Interdisciplinary Assessment Team including acceptance of low-risk youth pursuant to team planning designed to minimize contact with higher-risk youth. Justification and planning shall be documented on the Assessment Team Meeting Minutes and Treatment Plan.

 - Shall be between ages of 12 and 18.

Program Services are based on cognitive-behavioral interventions through individual and group counseling including Anger Management, Moral Reasoning and Skill-streaming, parent education and support (Parent Project), Life Skills classes, behavior reinforcement, meals and transportation service.

Two Track Program:  The program operates two tracks.  Each track meets twice weekly between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Hours may be adjusted when school is not in session.  One track operates on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the other track operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Each track may include up to six youth at a time.  The group composition of each track is selected with the primary goal being the separation of youth by OYAS risk level to the greatest degree possible.  Other criteria that factor into track selection shall include age, gender, offense type, peer relationships, and legal restrictions.  Track selection shall be made by Intervention Center treatment, administrative and supervisory staff and may be reviewed by the Interdisciplinary Assessment Team.

Direct Supervision:  Staff at the Intervention Center practice direct supervision with staff to youth ratios ranging from 1:1 to 1:3.  Direct-care staff include Youth Care Specialists (3), Program Supervisor, Mental Health Therapist and Assistant Director of Prevention and Intervention Services.

The length of program participation is indeterminate and performance-based and is determined by attendance, behavior and accomplishment of Service Plan Goals managed by a Mental Health Therapist - with a goal to keep the length of time required in the program to a minimum.  A general range of time for program participation is 4-16 weeks.  The length of program involvement is based on performance and accomplishment of goals in the Service Plan developed by a Mental Health Therapist.

Completion Criteria:  Youth eligible for successful program completion of Intervention Center Services shall meet the following criteria:

   -  Service Plan accomplished.
   -  Post-Assessment completed.
   -  Behavior/Attendance rating of 80%or better.
   -  Family engagement/final meeting completed.
   -  Exit Survey completed.
   -  Progress Report

INTERVENTION CENTER HOURS OF OPERATION:   Monday - Thursday 10 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

LOCATION:  Greene County Youth Assessment and Intervention Center,  701 Dayton-Xenia Road,  Xenia, OH  45385

CALL US:  937.562.7579  OR  937.562.4027

701 Dayton-Xenia Road,  Xenia, OH  45385

PHONE:    937.562.7579
               or  937.5624027


Mari McPherson, Director of Prevention & Intervention Services
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Nick Brannon, Asst. Director of Prevention & Intervention Services
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Krystal Coleman, Mental Health Therapist, [email protected]

Vince Cabonce, Youth Care Specialist
[email protected]

Emmanuel Birgen, Youth Care Specialist
[email protected]

Makenna Lyons, Family Engagement Mentor
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