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September 12, 2023 

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December 22, 2022

altafiber continues to advance with the design and permitting process within Greene County. Residents should look forward to seeing altafiber contractors within their communities soon. 

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Greene County’s Department of Development has partnered with Cincinnati Bell/altafiber to extend broadband connectivity throughout Greene County.  This new partnership will primarily focus on expanding coverage to rural communities in the eastern and southern portions of the County.  (Click on the map for more details)

Who responded with a proposal to provide broadband service to Greene County?

      1. Cincinnati Bell/altafiber (press release)
      2. Clifton Communications
      3. MVECA (Miami Valley Educational Computer Association)
      4. OhioTT (Transparent Telecom)
      5. Point Broadband
      6. Smart City Capital
      7. Spectrum/Charter Communications
      8. WS Electronics  

How was Cincinnati Bell selected?

Our department received eight proposals covering a wide range of technological solutions. After extensive review, the broadband expansion selection committee narrowed the proposals down to three finalists, which were as follows: Cincinnati Bell/altafiber, OhioTT (Ohio Transparent Telecom), and Spectrum/Charter Communications.

The three finalists were then invited to give a presentation to the broadband expansion selection committee.   Additionally, our department released a public survey to gather consensus on what residents of Greene County value most in selecting a broadband partner.  The responses to this survey indicated that people wanted affordable and dependable internet and further indicated that they value a diverse marketplace of options to choose from. Survey results also indicated that Greene County residents were willing to wait extra months, or even years, for better internet quality as long as it provided a permanent solution.

The broadband expansion selection committee ultimately chose Cincinnati Bell/altafiber due to the strengths of their proposal which focused on residences served, the cost to users, reliability of service, and overall cost to the County.

How many residences will be provided service through this project?

Cincinnati Bell/altafiber has committed to a 100% fiber solution.  Simply put, they will not be using satellites, water towers, or radio transmitters. Instead, Cincinnati Bell/altafiber will run fiber to each residence under the scope of this proposal.  This project is expected to take approximately 36-48 months to complete.

9,600 under/unserved residences in rural areas will be given quality internet for the first time.

Unserved is defined as homes having no current internet service or speeds under 10/1 Mbps
Underserved is defined as homes having speeds above 10/1 Mbps but slower than 25/3 Mbps

What broadband speeds/packages will be offered to residents?

Under Cincinnati Bell/altafiber’s Fiber First strategy, all customer locations that become fiber qualified under the proposed partnership would be eligible for the speed tiers noted below. Cincinnati Bell/altafiber will not be deploying any legacy technologies with its backbone fiber build; all services will be delivered utilizing Fiber-to-the-Premises technology.

Consumer Monthly Pricing*

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