The Greene County GIS department is responsible for addressing in the following jurisdictions: 

  • Bath Township
  • Jefferson Township 
  • Beavercreek Township
  • Miami Township 
  • Bellbrook City
  • New Jasper Township 
  • Bowersville Village
  • Ross Township 
  • Caesarscreek Township
  • Silvercreek Township 
  • Cedarville Township 
  • Spring Valley Township 
  • Cedarville Village
  • Sugarcreek Township 
  • Jamestown Village
  • Xenia Township 

For addressing in all other jurisdictions, you will need to contact your local city or village.

The addressing area covers over 357 sq miles, 26,000 parcels, and over 80,000 currently assigned addresses. For house numbering purposes, Greene County is divided into a one-mile grid pattern. The center of the grid is located at the intersection of Main and Detroit Street in downtown Xenia. Each square of the grid contains 500 numbers, allowing for approximately one number for every ten feet.

To submit an address request, please review the following information and complete the request form.

Address Request Form

Requesting a Single Address

Address requests should be submitted by the legally deeded property owner on file with the Greene County Auditor's Office unless written consent on the owner's behalf.

Parcel Without an Existing Address

This address would be a primary address. If no building resides on the property, the assigned address will be based on the current or future driveway location.

Secondary Address

A secondary address can be assigned for structures such as barns, cell towers, or utilities based on zoning approval of the township or village of the corresponding parcel.

Addressing Plats

Construction Address

Plats that have not been recorded and do not currently have an address assigned to the parcel(s) can be assigned a construction address upon request. This address can stay with the plat following the building process.

Address Assignment

Official address numbers are assigned only to approved final plat record and following plat recording with the Greene County Recorder's Office. The plat must go through the entirety of the RPCC subdivision approval process before requesting addresses. Once the final has been officially approved and recorded with Greene County, the developer can submit an address request from the GIS Department.

For more details and information on addressing in Greene County please view the Greene County Addressing Procedures PDF.