Snow and Ice Control

Snow plows lined up in front of salt barn


Snow and ice control is one of the most significant winter activities performed by GCEO road crews, especially during a rough winter. The Greene County Engineer’s Office is responsible for keeping 324 centerline miles of County roads safe and passable whenever winter weather strikes.

Our crews work hard day and night to treat the roads even in the worst weather conditions — blinding snow, crippling ice, sub-zero temperatures — often sacrificing time away from their families on weekends and holidays. GCEO Snowfighters work 12-hour shifts to keep roads clear by salting or plowing, depending upon current conditions. 

Twenty-Three (23) snow and ice control routes (11 primary and 12 secondary) and two shifts of 13 employees (10 drivers, mechanic, operator and foreman) ensure that every County road is treated quickly and efficiently. We run 10 tandem trucks with two backup single axle trucks.



The Greene County Engineer’s Office treats those roads designated as County roads. The GCEO does not maintain city streets, residential and subdivision streets, interstate, U.S., or state routes. 

Road Responsibility Map

(Please contact your local city or township, or the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for snow removal information on their road systems.  Their contact information can be found in the road responsibility map.)





  • Becomes less effective at 15 degrees and dropping. If needed, liquid deicer (BEET HEET) is added to become more effective in melting the ice and snow.
  • Average application is 600-800 lbs. per centerline mile, depending on the storm.
  • GCEO has a 4,000-ton salt storage facility.
  • Each tandem truck carries 12 tons and each single axle truck will carry 10 tons of salt.
  • 2023 contract cost for salt is $90.77 per ton and is with American Rock Salt.




Liquid Deicer

  • We use a liquid deicer (BEET HEET) mixed with rock salt during storm events which we feel is the right snow-fighting strategy for our Greene County Roads.
  • Added to salt at the spinner, liquid deicer helps the salt become effective below 15 degrees. 
  • The ratio is 10 gallons of BEET HEET per 1 ton of salt.
  • GCEO has 35,000 gallons of liquid storage.
  • Each truck will carry 200 gallons. 
  • 2023 Contract cost for liquid deicer (BEET HEET) is $1.60 per gallon and is with K Tech Specialty Coatings, Inc.
    1. Is an organic based, corrosion inhibited, liquid deicer.
    2. Suppresses the freeze point of rock salt and brine. 
    3. Lowers the effective working temperature of rock salt and brine.
    4. Increases the ice melt capacity of rock salt and brine.
    5. Significantly reduces the corrosion value of rock salt and brine.
    6. Slows down the rate at which the melted snow and ice refreeze.
    7. Inhibits the formation of ice crystals. 
    8. Strengthens and extends the anti-bonding characteristics of rock salt, thus preventing ice from bonding to the pavement and allows for it to scrape off easier.
    9. Strengthens and extends the residual effects of rock salt.  The residue acts as an effective anti-icer at the next snow event.
    10. Reduces bounce and scatter loss.
    11. Increases ability to absorb heat in the form of solar radiation.
    12. Is composed of 4 chlorides for better ice melting performance along with 4 carbohydrates for better residual coverage.
    13. Is derived from refined “sugared” sugar beet molasses, not beet juice.
    14. Is more agriculturally renewable, organically natural and environmentally friendly.
    15. Reduces the corrosive and damaging effects on our infrastructure, bridges, equipment and autos. 
    16. Improves the performance of rock salt about 65%.
    17. Reduces salt usage 25%-33% while maintaining the same level of service.
    18. 99% biodegradable.


Salt Brine (Pre-Treat) System

Some state and municipal agencies pre-treat with a salt brine solution which is a clear water and sodium chloride solution. It is composed of tap water and road salt, and is mixed in concentrations of 23% salt.   Salt brine is applied by spraying it onto the pavement up to 72 hours prior to a winter storm. Pre-treating is a snow-fighting strategy used in anticipation of storms when accumulating ice or snow is predicted. 

Our agency does not pre-treat with a salt brine. 



  • Each truck that leaves the barn has about $1,000 worth of material on it including salt and Beet Heet. 
  • A complete running of all snow routes cost $10,000-$25,000 for just material depending on the rate of application.



As of September 1, 2023*

Tons of Salt Spread:                                              0 tons

Gallon of Liquid Deicer (BEET HEET) used:      0 gallons

Labor Hours:                                                          0 hours

Snow/Ice Events:                                                   0   

* Total Material Cost for Season So Far:          $ 0.00

*(does not include labor, equipment or fuel)


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