None currently.

Consultant Days

Starting in May 2022, the Greene County Engineer's Office will hold Consultant Day's.



  • Consultant will only be permitted one meet and greet event every 12 months.  
  • Meet and greet dates will be announced a few weeks ahead and posted on the consultant tab of the Greene County Engineer page
  • Scheduling will be done via email
  • Each consultant/firm will be given 45 minutes
  • Scheduling is done at the top of each hour
  • The maximum number of attendees from a consultant firm is 5.


Having or not having a “Meet & Greet” with the County Engineer is not a requirement or criteria for selection. These meetings are often requested by Consultants that have not done work with the County and/or want to make the County Engineer familiar with their services and personnel they can provide.

The dates for Fall 2022 were:

  • Monday, November 28 - ALL TIME SLOTS FULL
  • Wednesday, November 30 - ALL TIME SLOTS FULL

The dates for Spring 2022 were:

  •  Monday, May 16, 2022  -  ALL TIME SLOTS FULL
  •  Tuesday, May 17, 2022  -  ALL TIME SLOTS FULL

 Recognize that Meet and Greets are a large commitment of time for both the Consultant and for the GCEO and staff, so please be respectful of this when scheduling. 


Engineering Consultant Contracts

The Engineering Department manages engineering consultant contracts for the County Engineer. These include contracts for the preliminary engineering, detailed design and right-of-way acquisition for roadway, bridge, and traffic control projects.

When it is necessary for the GCEO to obtain consulting services for a project or general services, the GCEO will evaluate all firms prequalified for the specific category listed below: 

  1. Roadway Engineering
  2. Structural Engineering
  3. Traffic Engineering
  4. Geotechnical Engineering
  5. Environmental Engineering
  6. Surveying
  7. Stormwater Services
  8. Right-of-Way

GCEO Consultant Selection Policy

The Greene County Engineer’s Office utilizes a qualifications-based selection policy based on Section 153.65-.73 of the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.), which generally requires all public entities to use a qualifications-based selection process when hiring design professionals. Firms are required to show evidence of financial responsibility when contracting with public entities. The GCEO’s qualifications-based policy is similar to A Guide for Public Authorities published by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Ohio (ACEC) and is as follows:
  1.   For services estimated to be greater than $50,000:

The GCEO will solicit letters of interest from firms by publicly announcing the need for professional services for a specific project.

The Greene County Engineer will evaluate all interested firms based on predetermined criteria. An evaluation sheet will be used for every project to determine the most qualified firm for the project.

Once the most highly qualified firm has been identified, the GCEO will open contract negotiations with that firm using a detailed scope of services for the project and determine an appropriate fee for those services.

     B.    For services estimated to be less than $50,000:

The GCEO will use a small project selection process in which an expedited “direct selection” process will be utilized. A provision enacted in 2011 (O.R.C. §153.71 (A)) allows a public authority to select a single design professional or firm from among those that have submitted a current statement of qualifications within the immediately preceding year, “based on the public authority’s determination that the selected design professional or firm is the most qualified to provide the required professional design services.”

As per O.R.C. §153.69, once the most highly qualified firm has been identified, the GCEO will open contract negotiations with that firm using a detailed scope of services for the project and determine an appropriate fee for those services.

Selection Procedures

The Greene County Engineer will generally follow a programmatic selection process for design contracts.  Information about available contracts will be provided in advanced of the announcement for consultant proposals on this website.

Right of way services, construction engineering services and special programmatic design services selections will be announced as early as possible in advance of the actual announcement.

Proposals for contracts must be submitted in the form required by the announcement, which is typically in the form of an expanded letter of interest (LOI) conforming to the same or similar format as used by the ODOT Office of Consultant Services.  A minimum of 3 weeks from the announcement date will be provided for consultants to submit an LOI.

  • GCEO sample LOI template
  • Scope of Service documents 

Consultant Blackout Period

Please note the following policy concerning communication between Consultants and the Greene County Engineer’s Office during the announcement and selection process:

During the time period between advertisement and the announcement of final consultant selection, communication with consultants (or their agents) shall be limited as follows:

Communications which are strictly prohibited:

Any discussions or marketing activities related to this specific project.

Allowable communications include:

Technical or scope of services questions specific to the project or RFP requirements.

Consultant Prequalification

The Greene County Engineer prequalifies consultants in the same categories of work as the Ohio Department of Transportation, for engineering, environmental and right-of-way services. 

Firms already prequalified by the ODOT Office of Consultant Services  can be automatically prequalified with the Greene County Engineer by submitting a PDF copy of your firm’s ODOT prequalification letter and a PDF copy of your firm’s Statement of Qualifications to  Hard copies will not be accepted.

Consultant statement of qualifications must be current and submitted within the last two years.

Firms may submit a revised SOQ up to once per year or when there is a significant change in key project staff.   Firms are discouraged from repetitively submitting SOQ’s when there are no significant changes in representative work experience or staff within the previous year.   SOQ’s will not be accepted after the posting date for the programmatic advertisement. 

Consultant Prequalification List 2023 for website


LOI Submittal Requirements

Beginning March 2022, all LOI submittals are required to follow a new streamlined format in general conformance with the LOI template provided on the GCEO website at the following link: 




LOI’s must be submitted as a single submittal for each programmatic selection group with a single cover letter. In addition, for each project, provide the following:


  • 1-page summary of the consultant’s project team including key staff and subconsultants, prequalification categories and current assignments
  • 2-page project approach


All text must be a minimum of 10-point font size, with 1-inch margins adhering to the page number limits specified above.  


This submittal format is designed to minimize work for consultants preparing the LOI, and to help the selection committee focus on the key elements of the LOI. The selection committee will rely on a combination of a firm’s SOQ, prequalification, previous experience and the LOI when selecting firms. 



Stephanie Ann Goff, P.E., P.S., Greene County Engineer


Chrisonna Anderson-Lutz, Special Projects Administrator

phone: (937) 562-7500