Fare Assistance Programs

Elderly & Disabled Half Fare Assistance Card for Flex Routes

Effective July 1, 2022 with one month grace period to allow for riders to sign up for the card

Application Instructions

  1. Download and print application online
    • or request for an application to be mailed to you by calling Administrative Office at (937) 708-8322, chose option 1
  2. Fill out the application, sign and date it
  3. Submit completed application in person or by mail to:
    • Greene CATS Public Transit, Administrative Office, 2380 Bellbrook Ave., Suite A, Xenia, Ohio 45385
    • Make sure to include a copy of required documents for proof of age or permanent disability
      • Riders are required to provide proof of age with any of these legal documents: 
        • State ID, Driver's License, Birth Certificate, or Passport
      • Riders are required to show proof of permanent disability with either a Social Security Benefit Verification Letter or note from their doctor.

Upon approval, a laminated Half Fare Assistance card will be created with the rider's name. 

  • For applications submitted in person, the card will be issued at time of request
  • For applications mailed, please allow 3-5 business days for the card to arrive by mail

If you need assistance in filling out the application, or have any additional questions, feel free to email: [email protected] or call Greene CATS (937) 708-8322, chose option 1