Trebein Rd./Valley Rd./ US 35 Interchange

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This project is highly important to the safety of the traveling public in and thru Greene County and is to save lives.  This proposed interchange is part of the final component of the long-term project to upgrade US 35 from I75 (Dayton, OH) to IR 64 (Charleston, WV). 


Through the week ending June 24, 2023: The following traffic advisory includes restrictions on the state highway system in Greene County. All work will be contingent upon the weather. For construction information and statewide information regarding road conditions, visit ODOT [] on the web at []



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U.S. 35-Valley/Trebein Interchange - Construction of an interchange at the routes’ intersection between Xenia and Beavercreek. Traffic is being maintained on U.S. 35; however, left turns from U.S. 35 West to southbound Valley Road have been eliminated, and motorists may detour by way of U.S. 35 West and the signalized loon past Orchard Lane to return east on U.S. 35 to Valley Road. Additional lane restrictions may also be in effect in either direction on U.S. 35, as well as on Valley and Trebein roads, including the following:

Monday-Friday, June 19-23:

  • Short-term (15-minute) closures will be in effect on westbound U.S. 35 between 4 and 5 a.m. each morning. U.S. 35 West will be closed intermittently at various intervals for equipment moving. Traffic will be stopped and maintained by law enforcement personnel during periods of closure. 


3/13/2023 ODO Kicks Off Construction Season in Southwest Ohio

3/13/2023 US-35/ Valley/ Trebein Project Gets Underway

3/1/2023 Tree Clearing Continues on U.S. 35 Valley Trebein

8/29/2022  Big changes are coming to U.S. 35, Trebein Intersection

 9/22/2021  Funding for Major U.S. 35 Interchange Moves Forward at State Level


This project is to replace the existing at-grade US 35/Valley/Trebein intersection with an interchange of Valley Trebein over US 35. 


  • Design
    • Funded by TRAC
    • Final tracings approved 9/2/2022
  • Right of Way
    • Authorized and funded by TRAC
    • Right of way completed 8/26/2022
  • Construction
    • Sale- January 2023
    • Award- January 2023 to Eagle Bridge, Sidney Ohio, for 40.3 million
    • Tree removal and utility relocations ahead of construction- Feb./March 2023
    • Begin Construction- March 2023
    • End Construction- October 2025


  • This part of the final component of the long-term project to upgrade US 35 from I75 (Dayton, OH) to IR 64 (Charleston, WV).
  • In 2018, ODOT TRAC awarded funds for the design and right of way for this project.
  • In 2017 Highway Safety Improvement Plan, this intersection ranted 105th in the state for suburban intersections for crashes from 2013-2017.
  • This is the first traffic signal after driving 130 miles (or 2 hours) west across the state of Ohio on US 35 from Point Pleasant, WV.
  • The types of crashes that occur at this intersection unfortunately are severe as many involve semis.  There are also capacity issues with the current intersection which adds to the safety issues.  During peak times, vehicles back up beyond Dayton-Xenia Rd, up the off ramp on US 35 and on US 35 toward Dayton.   Many safety improvements have occurred to this intersection such as additional signage, flashing signage, etc., however, safety issues still exist and congestion continues.
  • By 2038, US 35 approach to the signal at Valley-Trebein will be a Level of Service of F.

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  • This project is not a new project.  This intersection improvement was actually identified in the 1976 and 1987 Thoroughfare Plans as a proposed/needed improvement.  This project started in the planning with ODOT in 2007 and has been progressing thru the project process.  
  • The original project with ODOT was three intersections: Factory, Orchard and Trebein/35.  Due to the size of the project, it was broken into two projects due to funding restrictions.


  • ODOT District 8 had presented this project to TRAC a couple of times for construction funding and was unsuccessful.
  • 2017 Beavercreek Twp. was able to negotiate a land donation in the amount of $820,000.00 to move the project to Phase II.
  • 2018 ODOT Approved Next Phase II - $2 million for design and Right-of-Way land negotiation.
  • 2019 Design and Right-of-Way land negotiation began.
  • Greene County Engineer and Beavercreek Township presented this project to TRAC in 2019 for construction funding and unsuccessful. 
  • Greene County Engineer and Beavercreek Township submitted this project to TRAC in 2020 for construction funding but the funding round was eliminated due to COVID.
  • Greene County Engineer and Beavercreek Township presented this project to TRAC in 2021 for construction funding and was successful.
  • The authorized design consultant was selected in 2007.
  • The planning study was completed in 2009.
  • The interchange study was competed in 2011.
  • The preliminary Engineering Study was completed in 2012.
  • The environmental study was completed in 2015.
  • The detail design was completed in 2022. The current design firm is CH2M Hill/Jacobs.


  • Beavercreek Schools
  • Beavercreek Township Fire Department
  • Beavercreek Township
  • Carlo C McGinnis, Valley Springs Farm
  • City of Beavercreek
  • City of Fairborn
  • City of Xenia
  • Clark State University
  • Congressman Michael R. Turner
  • Dayton Development Coalition
  • Greene County Career Center
  • Greene County Commissioners
  • Greene County Department of Development
  • Greene County Port Authority
  • Greene County Regional Airport Authority
  • Greene County Sheriff, Gene Fischer
  • Nutter Enterprises, Ltd.
  • Ohio University
  • Phillips Company
  • Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission of Greene County


VARIOUS DRONE VIDEOS OF INTERSECTION AND SURROUNDING AREA:                                                                                         

Drone videos - Intersection and Surrounding Areas