Valley-Bell Connector

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This project will connect Indian Ripple Road to Trebein Road/Valley Road per the 1991 Thoroughfare Plan Amendment to the 1987 Perspectives: Thoroughfare Plan for Greene County and is part of the final component of the Trebein/Valley/US 35 Interchange Project.


  • Design
    • Water and Sewer Design completed in 2017
    • Preliminary Design 2021-2023 for Roadway and Right-of-Way
    • Full design underway for Phase 1 in 2023
    • Full design for Phases 2-4 TBD
  • Right of Way
    • Planned Donation by Developer (Valley Springs Farm)
    • Additional Right of Way to be Acquired 
  • Construction
    • Water and Sewer completed in 2019
    • Phase 1 - Tentative 2023
    • Phase 2 - TBD
    • Phase 3 - TBD
    • Phase 4 - TBD

2022-10-11 - Full Build - Indian to Interchange Long Plot (3)

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  • The Valley-Bell Connector is a proposed roadway in Beavercreek Township, Greene County, that will connect Indian Ripple Road (approximately 800’ southeast of Windemere Way/Signature Drive) to Trebein Road/Valley Road (near the Greene County Airport).  There are no plans to extend the road south of Indian Ripple Road.
  • This proposed roadway has been in the Perspectives: Future Thoroughfare Plan for Greene County since 1991.
  • As stated in the thoroughfare plan, this would improve overall safety and accessibility to/from that area of the county and US35 would be improved for increased existing and future development traffic demands.  It would not only benefit local access and development issues, but fit into the greater Regional perspective as well.    
  • The Beavercreek Township Fire Department completed a 2016 Standards of Coverage and based on the study identified the future fire department location and was included in the recent passage of the levy in November 2019. Beavercreek Township is planning on building their new Fire Station near the intersection of Valley and Dumford Rd.  This station is being built in response to the recent and planned growth on eastern corridor of Beavercreek Township.  
  • We are currently working with Beavercreek Township on the location of their fire station and any portion of the future roadway that possibility would be built as part of their fire station construction.  
  • It is anticipated this project will be funded from various resources such as, but not limited to; Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Residential Improvement District (RID), as well as state and federal funds.


  • The fire department’s intent is to locate the Fire Station along the Connector is to reduce response time to National Standards of 4 minutes or less for the service area.
    • 2 minutes or more can be saved during emergency responses.
    • Response time will improve due to fewer hairpin turns, high-speed intersections, and improved road type.
    • The Fire department plan is to reduce travel time to the national standard of 4 minutes, or less, for as much of the service area as possible.
    • The 2 minutes or more saved by the Connector will substantially increase the area served within 4 minutes travel time from the fire station.
    • Studies show that fire growth ranges from slow developing fires doubling in size every 2 minutes to fast developing fires doubling every 30 seconds.
    • The additional 2 minutes of travel time without the Connector could result in a fire 2x to 16x larger prior to the fire department’s arrival.
    • Studies show that rapid CPR, defibrillation, and ACLS care contribute significantly to cardiac arrest survival rates.
    • Detailed study estimates that each minute that defibrillation and ACLS are delayed reduces survivability by 3.2%. Accordingly, the 2, or more, minutes of reduced travel time via the Connector could improve a patient’s survivability by 6.4%
  • The fire department has stated both in planning and public discussions the value and necessity for the site of proposed Fire Station #66.
  • The strategic value of the Connector is integral to the siting of the proposed Fire Station.
  • The Fire Chief has on multiple occasions stated that the Connector’s construction should precede the Station’s construction.


  • Valley Road is currently a two-lane roadway and is classified as a “Major Collector” in ODOT’s Functional Classification system. The Average Daily Traffic (ADT) of Valley Road is 1,930.  
  • Indian Ripple Road is currently a two-lane roadway and is classified as a “Minor Arterial” in ODOT’s Functional Classification system. The ADT of Indian Ripple Road is 4,320.   
  • Upper Bellbrook Road is currently a two-lane roadway and is classified as a “Minor Arterial” in ODOT’s Functional Classification system. The ADT of Upper Bellbrook Road is 6,850.   
  • Turning movement counts were collected by Choice One Engineering from December 8, 2020 to December 12, 2020 at the intersections of US 35 & Valley Road, Upper Bellbrook Road & Valley Road, and Upper Bellbrook Road & Indian Ripple Road. ADT counts were collected by Greene County in December 2020 along Valley Road, Upper Bellbrook Road, and Indian Ripple Road.


  • Water and Sewer Infrastructure
    • Funding Received from OPWC and Greene County and Beavercreek Township in 2018
  • Phase 1: from Valley Road to the termination point to serve the new Fire Station
    • OPWC Application - July 2021: Approved for Construction 2023
  • Phase 2: from Indian Ripple Road to the termination point to serve Maxwell Place subdivision
    • TBD
  • Phase 3: from the Phase 1 termination point to the Phase 2 termination point
    • TBD
  • Phase 4: from Phase 1 to Trebein/ SR 35
    • TBD


  • The Valley-Bell Connector from Indian Ripple Rd to Oakes Quarry Park was unanimously ranked as the highest priority project through public input. The proposed sidepath/trail would connect multiple parks and the cities of Beavercreek and Fairborn as shown in the Greene County Master Trails Plan Adopted April 2021.


  • 67 acres residential development
  • 460 acres of Commercial and Industrial development is currently approved thru zoning PUD.


  • Water and sewer were installed in 2019 in the proposed corridor.