ODOT- Current and Future Projects

ODOT District 8

ODOT District 8 serves Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Greene, Hamilton, Preble and Warren counties in southwest Ohio, including the greater Cincinnati region. Headquartered in Lebanon, the district maintains over 4,600 lane miles of interstate, federal, and state highways and 1,565 bridges throughout its seven-county region.


ODOT Multi Year Work Plan

This map displays scheduled projects to be completed by contract or ODOT county forces between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2028:


Note: Project Information is subject to change


Weekly Construction Updates from ODOT

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Major Future/Upcoming ODOT Projects

US 68/SR 235 Intersection Improvement (Safety) Project

PID 111657

Begin Construction Spring 2024

End Construction Fall 2024



SR 72 Widening

SR 72 Widening Vicinity Map

Resurface and complete pavement repairs on SR 72 in Greene County from about 0.26 miles north of the westbound US-35 exit ramp to the Cedarville southern corp. limit near Turnbull Road. Widen pavement to a total surface width of 29ft to provide for center and edge line rumble stripes

PID 112038

Start Construction March 2023

End Construction August 2024


SR 72 Bridge Replacement in Jamestown

SR 72 Bridge Replacement Vicinity Map

Replace bridge GRE-72-0771 which carries SR 72 over Caesar Creek in Jamestown, Ohio

PID 113007

Start Construction March 2025

End Construction September 2025


US 35 Future Interchange project at Orchard and Factory

Eliminate at-grade intersections at Factory Road/Shakertown Road and Orchard Lane by constructing new split diamond interchange between Factory Road and Orchard Lane.

PID 80468

Exhibit of Future Project

Approved Right-of-Way Plans

Note: Project Currently Unfunded at this time