Snow "Roadeo" Challenge

AOAN0886The Greene County Snow "Roadeo" Challenge was established in 2019 by Greene County Engineer, Stephanie Goff.

The Greene County Engineer hosted this year’s Snow Roadeo on January 5, 2024. Our drivers participated in a friendly competition designed to hone their skills as snow plow operators. Drivers were judged on their skill maneuvering safely, quickly, and efficiently through an obstacle course. 

There was plenty of fun with the obstacle course and its eccentric challenges, but, at the end of the day, it was really all about safety and preparation for Greene County’s unpredictable snow season.

"It starts out as a friendly competition," said Greene County Engineer Stephanie Goff, "but it's also a chance for us to get in team building and training followed by lunch, resulting in a fun day for us as we challenge ourselves to be the best at what we do!!”










WINNERS of the Greene County Snow Roadeo


2023:  1st place- Justin Windsor

2nd place- Jarrett Test

3rd Place- Andy Derr

(photo l-r) Windsor, Test, Derr


2023 Mini Excavator Challenge: 1st place- Phil Davis

 2nd Place- Joe Walker,

3rd Place- John Wagner

(photo l-r) Davis, Walker, Wagner

2022: 1st place- Justin Windsor, 2nd place- Jarrett Test, 3rd place- Jeremy Ellison


2022 Mini Excavator Challenge: 1st place- EJ Hawkins

2nd place- Ryan Adams

3rd place- Andy Derr

(photo l-r) Derr, Adams, Hawkins

2021: 1st place- Jerrod Pickens, 2nd place- Phil Davis, 3rd place- Jeremy Ellison

2020: 1st place- Justin Windsor, 2nd place- Jarrett Test, 3rd place- Jake Ault

2019 roadeo winners

2019: 1st place- Justin Windsor

2nd place- Jacob Blocher

3rd place- Andy Derr 

(photo l-r) Derr, Windsor, Blocher

2019 Excavator Winners

2019 Mini Excavator Challenge:  1st place- Phil Davis

2nd place- Turk Baldwin

3rd place- Jake Ault

(photo l-r) Ault, Baldwin, Davis

SW OHIO Snow Roadeo Competition

The Public Works Officials of Southwest Ohio host a district-wide Snow Plow Roadeo each year where participants from across Southwest Ohio compete on a challenging driving course.  Since 2021, Greene County sends two representatives to compete in this 

2022 SWohio participants (2)2022 SWohio participants (1)

2021: Justin Windsor (placed 5th overall) and Jarrett Test

2022: Jarrett Test and Jeremy Ellison