Trebein Rd./ Dayton-Xenia Rd./ Hilltop Rd.

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GRE CR 84/ CR 142/ TR 73  0.64/ 6.38/ 0.00 

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This project is to convert the intersection at Trebein Road, Dayton-Xenia Road, and Hilltop Road into a single lane roundabout to improve safety for the traveling public.  


November 4, 2022 Governor DeWine announces 50 new Traffic Safety Projects


The intersection of Trebein Rd, Dayton-Xenia Rd., and Hilltop Rd. is a busy thoroughfare linking /US-35 to the City of Fairborn, SR-235, and I-675,  that lies within Beavercreek Township approximately one mile north of the proposed Trebein Rd./ Valley Rd./ US 35 Interchange.  


This intersection in a rapidly growing corridor is the greatest "local" safety concern of the travelling public and law enforcement.  

  • Crash Data between 2017 and 2019:
    • 10 injury crashes = 52.6% (vs. 35.06% statewide average)
    • 14 angle crashes = 73.7% (vs. 29.64% statewide average)
    • 4 rear end crashes = 21.0%
    • 1 right turn crash = 4.8%
    • 57 percent of the angle collisions resulting in injury.  All angle collisions were the result of eastbound and westbound vehicles failing to yield to vehicles on Trebein Road.
    • Most frequent crash pattern was angle crashes resulting from eastbound drivers on Dayton-Xenia Rd. (West) failing to yield to vehicles traveling northbound on Trebein Road.
    • Of the 15 angle and right-turn collisions, 11 involved a northbound vehicle on Trebein Road.
    • Slight vertical curve along the south leg of the intersection slightly obstructs northbound vehicles approaching Dayton-Xenia Road (West) and Hilltop Road.

Crash History 2017-2019

Crash Graph


Previous attempts have been made to improve safety conditions at the Trebein Road/ Dayton-Xenia road/ Hilltop Road intersection, including the following mitigation measures:

  • Overhead flashing warning beacons at the intersection
  • Advanced "stop sign ahead" warning signs on both minor street approaches
  • Dual stop signs with supplemental "cross traffic does not stop" signs on minor street approaches


A single lane roundabout on a multi-lane footprint is the preferred alternative for this intersection.  This roundabout will be easily converted to a multilane in the future as increased traffic volume warrants.  

See our Roundabouts page for more information about how they work and why they are a preferred solution for problem intersections.

Trebein/ Dayton-Xenia Safety Study

Roundabout overview

*concept sketch only


  • The Greene County Engineer secured 90% County Engineer's Association of Ohio (CEAO) Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) federal funding in 2021 to perform a safety study of this intersection
  • In November, 2021, the Greene County Engineer secured $1.2M County Engineer Association of Ohio (CEAO) Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding for construction
  • In November, 2022, the Greene County Engineer secured $1.1M in Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding for construction, right-of-way, environmental, and construction


A consultant has been selected for the project and we are currently negotiating the consultant design contract.


Begin Design                               February 2023

Complete Stage 2                        October 2023

NEPA Approval                            January 2024

R/W Authorized                           February 2024

Tracings Filed                              March 2026

Project Award                              July 2026

  • Greene County is committed to this proposed schedule and will look to expedite wherever possible.