Wilmington-Dayton Rd./ Centerville Rd.

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GRE 97/GRE 13 

This project is to convert the current intersection at Wilmington-Dayton Road and Centerville Road into a single-lane roundabout to improve safety for the travelling public.



The intersection of Wilmington-Dayton Road and Centerville Road is in the southwest corner of Greene County.  The City of Centerville is to the northwest and the City of Bellbrook is to the north.  Wilmington-Dayton Road serves as a north-south connector linking Social Row Road to Wilmington Pike which extends to 675.  Centerville Road serves as an east-west connector from the Greene County limits to US-42.  This intersection is on the edge of an urban area.


Crash History:

Of the 28 crashes that occurred at the intersection:

  •  Six were injury crashes (21.4%)
  • 22 were property damage only crashes (78.6%)
  • The primary crash type was angle crashes (67.9%), followed by the secondary crash types of rear end crashes (14.3%) and fixed object crashes (14.3%)
  • Angle crashes are likely due to the AWSC application, drivers expecting other vehicles to stop, driver confusion as to who has the right of way, and driver frustration associated with the long delays during the PM peak. 
  • Rear end crashes are likely due to drivers not expecting to have to stop and/or not expecting a queue. 


Previous attempts have been made to improve safety conditions at the Wilmington-Dayton Road/ Centerville Road intersection, including the following mitigation measures:

  • Advanced "stop-sign ahead" warnings at all approaches.
  • Stop signs at each intersection with supplemental "all way" plaques and signpost reflectors.
  • Dual stop signs at the eastbound approach.


A new traffic signal was not found to be warranted at this intersection.  Instead, a single lane roundabout is the preferred alternative and safest solution.

Safety Study Report by Carpenter Marty

See our Roundabouts page for more information about how they work and why they are a preferred solution for problem intersections.

Wilmington-Dayton Centerville Rd roundabout pic


  • The Greene County Engineer secured 90% County Engineer's Association of Ohio (CEAO) Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) federal funding in 2022 to perform a safety study of this intersection
  • In January, 2023, the Greene County Engineer secured $1.1M County Engineer Association of Ohio (CEAO) Highway Safety Improvement Plan (HSIP) funding for construction


Project Award                                    July 2025