Community Housing Impact and Preservation (CHIP)

The Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP) is designed to provide financial assistance to income-eligible homeowners whose property is in need of repair. The Department of Development has partnered with the City of Xenia which allows the County to serve residents in the City of Xenia. The grant will be used for owner-occupied property rehabilitation and home repair within the county (excluding the City of Fairborn). These repairs (for example – new furnace, electric upgrades) are eligible for a forgivable loan and funds are now available. The table below highlights the maximum income limits allowable for your household to qualify.


Income Limits as of 4/2022

Household Members123456
Gross Yearly Income$47,150$53,850$60,600$67,300$72,700$78,100
  1. Applicants
  2. Contractors


The income limits on the flyer apply to our CHIP grants, loans, and programs. Income limits for other programs may be different, depending on the program’s parameters and funding source.

The Greene County Department of Development is not permitted to use its CHIP funding in the City of Fairborn. Fairborn residents should contact their community development office to inquire about similar programs. The City of Fairborn phone number is (937) 754-3060.