BoCC Opening Prayers

We are pleased to announce that the Greene County Board of Commissioners (BoCC) has incorporated time into the Agenda for a brief prayer, brief words of positive affirmation, and/or a moment of silence at the beginning of their weekly BoCC meetings. The purpose of this implementation is to promote kindness and positivity, as well as, to uplift and bring together those around us. The BoCC Opening Prayers segment of the Agenda is open to all religions and spiritual affiliations. 

In order to participate,  please REVIEW the 2023 BoCC Meetings & Prayer Opening Schedule availability listed below and then submit a  Prayer Opening Submission Form to schedule with our office.  

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out to us via EMAIL or call us at (937) 562-5006.

Physical Address
35 Greene St.
Xenia, OH 45385
Phone: : (937) 562-5006
Fax: : (937) 562-5331

Admin Phone: (937) 562-5002

2023 BoCC Meetings & Prayer Opening Schedule

2023 MONTH          
January 5th- CLOSED 12th- CLOSED 19th- CLOSED 26th- CLOSED  
February 2nd- CLOSED 9th- CLOSED 16th- CLOSED 23rd- CLOSED  
March 2nd- CLOSED 9th- CLOSED 16th- CLOSED 23rd- CLOSED 30th- CLOSED
April 6th- CLOSED 13th- CLOSED 20th- CLOSED 27th- Harden  
May 4th- Picardo 11th- Slone 18th- Godwin 25th- Carlson  
June 1st- CLOSED 8th-Delaney 15th- CLOSED 22nd- Hanson 29th- Whitman
July 6th- Norton 13th-Young 20th- CLOSED 27th-Norton  
August 3rd- CLOSED 10th-CLOSED 17th- CLOSED 24th- CLOSED 31st- CLOSED
September 7th- CLOSED 14th- Gordon 21st- Wakeland 28th- OPEN  
October 5th- Wagenman 12th- OPEN 19th- OPEN 26th- OPEN  
November 2nd- OPEN 9th- OPEN 16th- OPEN 21st- OPEN 30th- OPEN
December 7th- OPEN 14th- OPEN 21st- OPEN 28th- OPEN