NOAA Weather Radio

Everyday Use

NOAA Weather Radio is not just for emergencies. It is a round-the-clock source of weather reports and information to help people prepare for the day ahead.

NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts:
  • National Weather Service warnings
  • Watches
  • Forecasts
  • Other hazard information, 24 hours-a-day

Local Reports

Each National Weather Service office tailors its broadcast to suit local needs. Routine programming is repeated every few minutes and consists of the local forecast, regional conditions and marine forecasts. Additional information, including river stages and climatic data is also provided.

Weather radios equipped with special alarm-tone features sound alerts to give immediate information about a life-threatening situation. During an emergency, National Weather Service forecasters will interrupt routine weather radio programming and broadcast a special tone that activates weather radios in the listening area. Weather radios can be purchased at your local electronics store.

Programming Codes

  • Greene - 039057
  • Montgomery - 039113