Family Stability Program / Service Coordination

The Family Stability Program provides family-focused, child-centered service coordination and supports to Greene County families having children who are receiving services from multiple systems or who have the need for services from multiple systems.


Here are some examples of the types of services we provide:
  • Arrange for and facilitate team meetings involving the family, advocates, friends or kin important to the child / family, and a representative from each of the agencies / services working with the family
  • Develop and monitor comprehensive individual family service coordination plans that avoid duplication and contradictory or confusing recommendations to the family
  • Provide:
    • Information and referral services
    • Parent advocacy and mentoring
    • Financial support for some aspects of the comprehensive plan

Important Facts About This Program

  • All services are voluntary and family driven
  • Anyone can refer to service coordination, including parent self-referral
  • County agencies frequently refer families to the Family Stability Program for team meetings, sometimes called “cluster meetings”, when it is thought that a child may be at risk for an out-of-home placement due to safety issues. The team tries to come up with a plan to prevent an out of home placement while keeping the child, family and community safe.

Shared Youth Placement

In a very few cases, the child’s behavior and mental health needs are such that it is in the child’s best interest to receive treatment in a residential treatment center for a short period of time. The Shared Youth Placement program provides the following services:
  • Assistance in identifying appropriate placement options
  • Coordination of funding
  • Placement monitoring (both locally and on-site)
  • Assistance with discharge planning
For more information about the Family Stability program, Service Coordination, or Shared Youth Placements, contact the Family Stability Coordinator at (937) 562-5607.

Family Involvement Committee

Greene County Family & Children First Council values, in fact relies on, family ideas and input for all that we do.

We know that today's families are already busy, but if you think you might have an occasional hour or so to share insights and offer feedback, please contact Family and Children First. The only criteria is the representative be the parent or guardian of a child who is, or has been involved with one of the systems of care represented on the Family and Children First Council, including not only Family and Children First, but also: public schools, Family Solutions Center, TCN, Juvenile Court, the Board of Developmental Disabilities, Children Services, Head Start, and Help Me Grow. Please see the Job Description and Application in our Quick Links section.

For more information please call Melissa Baughn at Family and Children First
(937) 562-5600.

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