Scheduling a Trip

Before Your Trip

At least two *business days* before your trip - up to one month in advance:

  • Call the scheduling office at (937) 708-8322 or toll free at (877) 227-2287 and choose option #1
    • Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm to request your ride
    • For Trips Two Business Days in Advance, You Must Call Scheduling by Noon for a Reservation
    • You must call by Thursday at noon for a trip on Monday
    • You can make an online trip request here
  • When making a trip request be ready to provide the following information:
    • Your full name, address and phone number
    • Date(s) transportation is needed
    • Exact addresses of any pick-up and drop-off locations
    • Your appointment time and the time you need to be picked up
    • Any mobility aids or restrictions (wheelchair, walker, cane, service animal, personal care attendant, oxygen, etc.)
    • Any other passenger name(s), passenger age(s) if they are age 13 or younger
    • Number of car seats needed for children less than four years of age and/or under forty pounds
    • If you need door-to-door assistance or need assistance with any carry-on items
  • Trip requests are to be within these times: 6:00 am for the first pick up and 10:00 pm for the last drop off
  • Based on availability you will either be given a reservation or have the option to be placed on the waiting list
  • To cancel your ride, two or more days in advance of your trip date, call the scheduling office

Flex Route Deviations are available up to ½ mile from the mapped route. Reservations are required and are subject to availability

  • The following information will also be needed when making a Flex Route Deviation trip request:
    • Which Flex Route the pickup is along (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, or Yellow)
    • Requested pickup time as per Flex Route Map schedule (use nearest time point to pickup address, within half mile of route, and the pull out time listed on the schedule)
    • Return trip drop off time as per Flex Route Map schedule (use nearest time point to pickup address, within half mile, and the pull out time listed on the schedule)
  • Deviations are open to the public and follow ADA accessibility guidelines.
Medicaid recipients can get transportation to their medical appointments through their Managed Care Plan or by calling Greene CATS. Transportation is provided by managed care plans, contracted providers, and reimbursement.

  • Same Day Service:
      • Available for riders to obtain transportation for a same day appointment or spontaneous trip
      • Based upon availability, trips will be scheduled when requested
        • Call the Dispatch Office at (937) 374-6402 and choose option 1 to schedule a same day ride
      • Riders will need to be registered prior to requesting same day service
        • Call the Scheduling Office at (937) 708-8322 and choose option 1 if you need to register
      • The cost will be the same as rides scheduled in advance, $4 one way in-county, and $8 one way out-of-county
  • Out-of-County to Out-of-County Medical Trips:
    • Riders can schedule an additional medical trip out-of-county in the same day if the first pickup and last drop off address is in Greene County
      • For example, a Greene County to Montgomery County trip costs $8 one way, so to add an additional out-of-county trip would cost: $8 + $8 + $8 = $24  for three one way trips out-of-county
  • Areas and Locations Designated as Greene County
    • The following areas have been designated as in county for the purposes of calculating fares: 
      • Miami Valley Hospital South
      • Wright Patterson Air Force Base (All areas except the Air Force Museum)
      • Young's Jersey Dairy
    • Trips to these destinations will only cost $4.00 each way, half the previous fare

The Day Before Your Trip

  • You will receive an automated call notifying you of your trip pick up time for the following day. Please take the time to listen carefully to these messages and confirm or cancel your trips
    • To opt out of our notification system, please contact the scheduling office. However, as a result you will have to call Dispatch at (937) 374-6402 or toll free (800) 980-6402 to ask for your exact pick up time(s) or if you have been scheduled a ride off the waiting list
      • You can call between 5:00 am - 10:00 pm the day before your trip
  • To cancel your ride the same day or day before your trip date, call Dispatch

The Day of Your Trip

  • Be ready. The vehicle may arrive up to 10 minutes before or 5 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time
  • If you miss the first leg of a round trip, the return trip will be cancelled unless you contact the dispatcher at least 1 hour prior to the return time
  • If you were on the waiting list but did not receive a ride, call Dispatch and ask if you can be inserted into the schedule
  • Notify Greene CATS Dispatch of any last minute cancellations
    • Cancellations less than 1 hour prior to a scheduled pick up will be considered a no-show
    • Excessive cancellations and no shows may be subject to suspension of service
  • Major service disruptions will be announced on all local television stations and under Community Alerts

When You Board the Bus

  • Have exact change ready to drop in fare box
  • There is no fare for personal care attendants
  • Have a seat, buckle up, and have a great trip