Minor Subdivisions & Replats

Minor subdivisions (otherwise known as lot splits) require approval by the Regional Planning & Coordinating Commission for land divisions where any new parcel, five acres or less, is created and/or five acres or less of residue is created from a property division. The division must not involve extension of utilities nor the opening, widening or dedication of any street.

Lot splits must have legal descriptions approved by the County Engineer's Office before RPCC staff will give final approval

Lot splits reviewed by RPCC in areas without sanitary sewer service require an evaluation by Greene County Public Health that each resulting 10-acre or smaller parcel or residue can accommodate an on-site wastewater disposal system.

Replats are changes to already-recorded subdivision record plans. These modifications generally involve reconfiguring one or more lots, adding or deleting a lot and/or changing easements. As opposed to the more involved and lengthy process for a major subdivision, a replat requires only an administrative approval from the Executive Director and approval signatures from the Greene County Commissioners.