Welcome to the website for the Greene County Auditor's Office! Our site encompasses the variety of services the Greene County Auditor's Office provides to both residents and other government entities. The site is designed to be used as a research tool for taxpayers, businesses, schools, and other taxing entities. Information available on the site and in our office reflects the economic life of the entire community. Understanding this information can save you money and make your life easier.

The goal at the Greene County Auditor's Office is dedicated to providing efficient and courteous service to the public while ensuring the highest possible standards for accountability, accuracy, and attention to detail in support of the financial systems.
If you have any questions, please contact the office and I will work to find a solution.

David A. Graham
Greene County Auditor

2023 Property Revaluation

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We are nearing the completion of our statutorily required triennial update for tax year 2023, which affects the taxes you pay in calendar year 2024.  The tentative value of your property will be mailed to you in September.  If you are satisfied that the value is accurate, NO ACTION IS NEEDED.  If you disagree with the value you will have an opportunity to take place in an informal review session with one of our appraisers. Review sessions will be conducted by appointment only.  Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

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  1. Greene County Auditor Releases Property Value Updates

    The Greene County Auditor has announced that property valuation updates from the State mandated valuation update for tax year 2023 are available on the Greene County Auditor’s website. Read on...
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