Financial Reports

Comprehensive Annual Finance Report (CAFR)

  • Annual report complying with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principals of Government
  • Since 1986, the county has submitted the report to the Government Finance Officer Association (GFOA) for its review and each year the GFOA has awarded the county a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting
  • The report is audited each year by the auditor of the State of Ohio
  • Year ending December 31 - View ACFR
  • Prior Years ACFR Reports

Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR)

  • Less comprehensive annual report which does not conform to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principals of Government
  • Reports information based off the CAFR for non-financial professionals
  • The report includes county demographic and financial data
  • Year ending December 31 - View PAFR
  • Prior Years PAFR Reports

Annual Information Statement

As part of the debt covenants, each year the county produces an Annual Information Statement for the bond holders. Much of the information contained in this report can be found in the CAFR, but it also includes demographic and information specific to the debt and debt issues of the county.

Government Entity Reporting

Special Assessments

  • Each year political subdivisions have an opportunity to certify special assessment projects to the county auditor to be placed on the Tax Duplicate
  • The certifications must be filed prior to the second Monday in September
  • Political subdivisions can certify delinquent water and sewer bills, weed mowing, or demolition throughout the year
  • For further instructions on special assessment please follow the link or contact the auditor's office at (937) 562-5065

Levy Certification

  • Find a brief explanation of the levy certification process necessary to certify a tax levy for the ballot
  • Please check with the Board of Elections for exact deadlines

Exemption Application

  • If a subdivision acquired a new property or has new construction on existing property, a tax exemption application must be filled out
  • Fill out the appropriate form and submit to the county auditor in triplicate for a real property exemption

Tax Distribution

  • Tax distribution breakout for the various levies throughout the county for prior year or current year
  • Money distribution will not reflect subdivisions present in other counties

Tax Reports by Year


The county annually produces a budget designed to meet the essential needs of Greene County residents maintaining fiscally sustainable operations for the year. Find a brief description of the budget process along with deadlines associated with the filing of budget documents or contact the auditor directly.