Transfer & Conveyances

Transferring Property

The State of Ohio requires the Greene County Auditor's Office to transfer deeds and charge a transfer fee and when applicable conveyance fee when changing the name or legal description of a parcel of land as per O.R.C. 319.20.
Requirements for the transfer of a deed, certificate of transfer, affidavit or court order:
  • All deeds needing to be transferred require a properly completed Real Property Conveyance Statement of Value and Receipt (DTE 100 (EX)) and the proper fees, payable to the Greene County Auditor
  • Grantor's name listed on the deed must read the same way the grantor took the title by the previous deed
  • The map department must approve and initial all deeds prior to being presented to the auditor's office
  • A deed with property currently in the CAUV program (or in the CAUV for the previous year) must have a Statement of Conveyance of Current Agricultural Use Valuation Form (DTE 101) accompany the deed for transfer
  • The grantor must sign all deeds executed in Ohio, and they must be notarized
The Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt (DTE 100) is required for all property transfers that involve the sale of a property (O.R.C. 319.54 (G)(3). The grantee or his/her representative must answer questions 1 through 10 on the form. The form must be signed and dated.
Transfer and Conveyance Fees
The following fees are charged for transferring a deed:
  • Conveyance fee: $2.00 per thousand dollars of the purchase price (O.R.C. 319.54 (G)(3) and (O.R.C. 322.02)
  • Conveyance fee plus transfer fee: Conveyance fee of $1.00 per thousand dollars of the purchase price plus transfer fee of $1.00 per thousand of the purchase price equals $2.00 per thousand dollars (any pennies are rounded up to the next $0.10)
    • Example: Purchase price of $245,250. Fee would be $490.60 for the conveyance and transfer fee
  • A fee of $0.50 per parcel will be charged to cover the parcel transfer
Use the link below to compute the transfer tax and conveyance fees required to transfer ownership of a property.  

Conveyance Fee Calculator