Tax Rates

Tax Rates

  • Tax rates change when the voters within a community approve new levies
  • Below are effective property tax rates, listed by district name and number
2022 Tax Rate Sheet
2021 Tax Rate Sheet
2020 Tax Rate Sheet
2019 Tax Rate Sheet
2018 Tax Rate Sheet
2017 Tax Rate Sheet
2016 Tax Rate Sheet 
2015 Tax Rate Sheet 
2014 Tax Rate Sheet
Tax Calculations
Property taxes are calculated using three factors
  1. Value of your property as determined by the county auditor
  2. Tax rate established in your community
  3. Tax reductions, credits, and rollbacks by Ohio law

Property Values

  • Property was revalued by the county auditor during the 2014 reappraisal
  • Based on recent economic conditions, most properties in Greene County experienced a reduction in property value
  • Please be aware that an increase or decrease in property value does not result in a comparable increase or decrease in property taxes due to the HB 920 tax reduction factor (see below)

Tax Reduction Factor

  • The HB 920 reduction factor, mandated by Ohio law, is designed to keep tax revenues stable when property values increase or decrease
  • The factor that prevented taxes from dramatically increasing when property values were on the rise will also keep taxes from significantly decreasing despite declining property values
  • The reduction factor will keep the revenue to schools, cities, libraries, etc. at nearly the same level as originally approved by the voters
  • A portion of the tax rate is not affected by the tax reduction factor and will result in a slight decrease in a tax bill