Common Pleas Court

Common Pleas SealResponsibilities

The Greene County Court of Commons Pleas Court - General Division is presided over by Judges Michael A. Buckwalter
and Adolfo Tornichio.

The Greene County Common Pleas Court hears all of these types of cases which arise in Greene County, Ohio.


The court of common pleas has original jurisdiction of all crimes and offenses, except in cases of minor offenses the exclusive jurisdiction of which is vested in courts inferior to the court of common pleas.

Civil Cases

The court of common pleas has original jurisdiction in all civil cases in which the sum or matter in dispute exceeds the exclusive jurisdiction of county courts and appellate jurisdiction from decisions of boards of county commissioners.

Grand Jury

The Common Pleas Court has jurisdiction over the Grand Jury. This body determines whether there is sufficient evidence to bring an indictment in a criminal case.

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Helpful Highlights
  • The Common Pleas Court is the only trial court created by the Ohio Constitution.
  • This Court has original jurisdiction in all criminal felony cases and original jurisdiction in all civil cases in which the amount in controversy is more than $500.
  • This Court can also hear and has appellate jurisdiction over the decision of some local government agencies and boards.

Civil Mediation

The Greene County Civil Mediation Program was established to provide the community with an alternative forum in which to resolve civil disputes.

Through the process of third-party facilitated negotiation, disputants are empowered to reach mutually beneficial agreements without expending the significant time and costs often associated with civil litigation.

Established Reason

In establishing the Civil Mediation Program, Greene County hopes to dramatically increase the publics access to an improved quality of justice, while at the same time conserving community resources and reducing delays in the disposition of court cases.