A guardianship is a Court ordered relationship in which the guardian acts on behalf of the ward. Wards are persons who are not able to care from themselves or their property after a finding of incompetence by the Court.

In order to apply for a guardianship in Greene County, Ohio, the prospective Ward must be a Greene County resident. 

  • A guardianship may be established for the estate only, in the circumstance where the guardian is responsible for the ward's assets. In this case, the person applying to be guardian must be an Ohio resident.
  • A guardianship may be established for the person only, where the guardian has responsibilities to assure the personal needs of the ward are met. In this case, it is not necessary for the guardian to be an Ohio resident.
  • A guardianship may be established for both the person and estate of the ward. The person applying to be the guardian of the estate must be an Ohio resident.

Being a guardian can be challenging. It is vital that any person seeking to establish a guardianship for another person understand the responsibilities that are required of a guardian. It is recommended that any applicant review the Guardianship Guidebook, the Local Rules of Practice and Superintendence Rule 66 before making a decision to become a guardian for another person.  

Our Court applies the law equally to every person involved in a proceeding in Greene County Probate Court, regardless of whether the person is or is not represented by an attorney. There are no special exceptions or more lenient standards for persons who represent themselves without the assistance of an attorney.

See below for the forms required to establish a guardianship. If you are not sure how to proceed with the guardianship process, please contact an attorney. The Deputy Clerks in Probate Court are prohibited by law from giving legal advice.

Types of Guardianships