Name Change / Name Conformity

The name change law and Court procedure changed on August 17, 2021. A new procedure for a name conformity action also became effective. Please see Local Rule 78.6 for updated rules regarding name changes and name conformity proceedings. Forms under the prior law will no longer be accepted for filing after August 17! 

A name change will change the Applicant’s current legal name going forward. A name change becomes effective on the date of the hearing.  It is not retroactive.  It does not in any way change the name from the past. It simply changes the name from the date of the hearing into the future. 

A name conformity will correct errors, inconsistencies and misspelling in a person’s legal name. This action conforms a legal name to correct problems in a person’s name from the past. A name conformity does not change a person’s current legal name.

For more information on which procedure to use for your situation, please see our Information Chart.

See below for the forms required for a name change and name conformity. If you are not sure how to proceed, please contact an attorney. The Deputy Clerks in Probate Court are prohibited by law from giving legal advice.