Criminal Division


It is the primary responsibility of the Prosecuting Attorney to prosecute persons charged with felony offenses that occur within Greene County. The Criminal Division represents the people of the State of Ohio in all Greene County felony prosecutions and handle approximately 700 cases per year. The Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys in the criminal division handle a wide range of cases before two Common Pleas Court judges.

In addition to handling all felony prosecutions in Greene County, the Criminal Division also includes the Appellate Division, which represents the State of Ohio in the Ohio Court of Appeals, Ohio Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court. These courts have the power to affirm or reverse rulings made by lower courts. The Appellate Division also represents the Prosecutor's Office in post-conviction actions and provides legal research and support to the rest of the Criminal Division.

Staff members of the Criminal Division also provide legal assistance and advise to every law enforcement agency within Greene County; they also provide support and assistance in the preparation of arrest and search warrants, 24 hours a day.