Victim Witness Division

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The Victim/Witness Division of the Greene County Prosecutor's Office provides support, advocacy, court escort, notification, referral, and crisis intervention assistance to all felony  victims and witnesses of felony crime. Comprehensive services are designed to address the core victimization needs of safety, healing, access, justice and reparations. Assistance is available for victims of all types of felony crime, is free of charge, and is not dependent on criminal prosecution. 

The Division operates with a professional staff of Victim Advocates and a group of trained Volunteer Advocates. Volunteer training is held annually. If you would like information about the volunteer advocacy program, please call the Division office. 

Advocacy services are available 24-hours per day. For assistance during business hours, please call the Victim/Witness Division Office ad (937) 562-5087. After business hours and on weekends, please call Central Communications at (937) 376-5111 and request the Victim/Witness Division on-call Advocate.  
The National Day of Remembrance for Homicide Victims is observed annually on September 25. Please click on the link below to view a commemorative video tribute to homicide victims in Greene County. 

National Day of Remembrance Video 2020

National Day of Remembrance 2020 Wreath (JPG)

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